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Readers will discover solace for a broken heart; straight talk about surrender and sacrifice; support for those who wait; and comfort for those who are wrestling with fear She urges worried readers toward positive action prompts others to take risks and gently soothes and comforts those experiencing doubts and change Through the words of a woman who has found that God is enough

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Faith That Does Not Falter

Few Christian authors are as beloved as the courageous former missionary and bestselling writer Elisabeth Elliot She knows what it means to trust God when things are tough and readers resonate with her encouraging but direct prose that prods them to greater faith and commitment to God's Word In this beautiful gift book containing selections from some of Elliot's classic writings

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For every situation readers will find encouragement for their spiritual journey and impetus for personal growthFaith That Does Not Falter is a revised edition of Taking Flight a gift book for graduates Now it is an excellent gift for any Elliot fan those experiencing a difficult time in their lives or anyone looking for short devotional readings to help them mature in the faith

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    This a very lovely little gift book

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