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The Changing Day begins in 1940 when a meeting between WREN Joanna Dunne and Navy Lieutenant Mark Eden is the start of a love affair that at first seems unlikely to stand the test of time She is 22 single and an Oxford graduate; he is 36 married and in civilian life a country vet She is.

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The Changing Day

Attracted but not looking for romance he is attracted but not looking for commitment and as Joanna soon discovers he is the black sheep of his family and has a very murky past Despite her initial mistrust and his resistance against the background of a war that ranges from a Hampshire p.

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Ort to the Cornish coast and from North Africa to Singapore attraction deepens into love that in turn blossoms into a passionate affair But can their love survive five years of separations misunderstandings seemingly irreconcilable family conflict tragedy and loss and the aftermath of w.

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