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Erudite and impassioned an act of faith and of resistance to the insidious claims of the post Christian and post liberal state F C Decoste Professor of Law University of Alberta A brilliant expos of the implications of same sex marriage and a compelling analysis of what it will take for society to reclaim the birthright of freedom it has lost in a reckless social experimentTo some same sex marriage is evidence that society has finally come of.

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Nation of Bastards Essays on the End of Marriage

L parenthood had been replaced by legal parenthood Is the family still the natural and fundamental group unit of society as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights claims Or is the concept of the natural moribund What is marriage for anywayDouglas Farrow is associate professor of Christian Thought at McGill University in Montreal He is the editor of Recognizing Religion in a Secular Society and co editor with Daniel Cere of Divorcing Marriag.

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Age To others it is yesterday's issue posing no danger to traditional marriage To still others McGill University's Douglas Farrow among them it has turned civil society on its ear creating a new political situation in which several things are no longer clear Is the state the property of the citizenry Or are citizens with their cherished personal associations including marriage now the property of the state Who owns the children now that natura.

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