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This novel begins after Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford Cottage near Rosings Park in Kent In this version Darcy decides to leave the country with his sister Georgiana to visit his farm in Ireland and his estate in. As James S states in his review I have an issue with no resolve being written as to catching the murderer of Elizabeth s first husband Yes this is a story which not only has Elizabeth refusing Darcy s first proposal as is most expected in JAFF but also has her passionately in love with her husbandso much so that even when her feelings towards Darcy change and warm as she spends time with him due to Kitty s close friendship with Georgiana she is hesitant to turn to him Kitty has come to live with Elizabeth after her husband s deathElizabeth s level in society has changed with her marriage but her first husband had no ualms about her family her connections andor her lack of a dowry Plus he knew about Darcy s attachment to Elizabeth Darcy and Georgiana as the blurb tells us have gone to Scotland and Ireland to visit other Darcy estates after his Hunsford proposal and so are not witnesses to her reception by the ton Many males and females are impressed by her and so it is that this man sees a need to act with haste to secure her hand lest others step in or even lest Darcy return and pursue her againThere are several very touching moments in this story one is what her husband tells her with his dying breath It was also heartwarming to read of the relationship she develops with his family So much so that she consults with them when major events andor decisions come into playI enjoyed this story but did have some mixed feelings reading about Elizabeth deeply in love with another man before or instead of Darcy I have read other stories in which she has married others with or without knowing Darcy but this is the first one in which her love is described as being so deep However in the end there is happiness for ODC

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Darcys Second Chance

E is courted by the second son of the Duke of Leister Lord Daniel Cavendish the Earl of Weatherstone who is a very good man and she believes is her perfect match Could it be that Darcy has lost Elizabeth forever?. A solo reviewI haven t read any of the other reviews so everything I write may be redundant Feel free to look away First I was surprised by Lizzy s first marriage A love match that wasn t Darcy uite refreshing and unexpected I really felt her pain when he was murdered This is where the story s biggest flaw happens imho The murder is never caught and punished I hated Lizzy s husband was never avenged I m sure there are reasons the author chose this course but I didn t agree with the exclusionThe rest of the book was a fine story fun to read

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Scotland hoping that time and distance with help him forget Elizabeth While he is away Elizabeth is sponsored in the ton by Lord and Lady Denby friends of her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner Her debut is successful and sh. A few weeks back I started the Angel of Grove Street by this author and gave up because it was so dialogue heavy and sillyI don t know why I keep reading the author I don t like his style at all He writes lengthy absurdist dialogue Early in the story Mrs Gardiner goes to retrieve Lizzy at Hunsford and her dialogue is just inane No one talks like this You don t convey the entire plot of the book in one great gasp of dialogue And Lizzy is a total Mary Sue Elizabeth sighed I agree but it is partly my fault I am so willing to help him and learn whatever he wants to teach me I have allowed him to spend far time with me than the rest of the family It is no wonder Mama resents me and I am her least favorite I am resolved not to attempt any book by this author no matter how many 5 star reviews there are

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    As James S states in his review I have an issue with no resolve being written as to catching the murderer of Elizabeth's first husband Yes this

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    A few weeks ba

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    A solo reviewI haven’t read any of the other reviews so everything I write may be redundant Feel free to look away ;First I was su

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    Enjoyed Elizabeth's not being a poor country girl from a landed gentleman's family Here she actually has some society sta

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    It was worth every swipe to the left Enjoyed my Sunday all the for it

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