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Uburban America In order to stop them Bolan will have to follow their trail deep into the Salvadoran jungle moving fast and striking hard Using warrior skills honed in another distant land the Executioner will show no mercy.

Review Salvador Strike Executioner Series #375

Salvador Strike Executioner Series #375

Ambles With legal avenues exhausted and an undercover agent missing deep within the deadly organization the situation is criticalMack Bolan is called in to fight fire with fire But MS 13's leaders have a plan to terrorize s.

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Federal authorities thought they were about to shut down the American activities of the lethal MS 13 gang for good But when the star witness and the prosecuting attorney are murdered the trial of the gang's leaders is in sh.

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    I read like 20 pages It's a book written by a guy about big bad guys for guys I just couldn't relate at all to anything written even though it did look like average good easy reading I'm just not the client those stories were written for ^^

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