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S spectacular new Eiffel Tower with love whispered over aperitifs in romantic cafes An England of upper crust society with aristocratic rules that were never crossed no matter what the heart

Summary All Golden Promises

All Golden Promises

It was a time of innocenceA young New York City alive with new theaters and restaurants with opportunity abounding from genteel Herald Suare to crowded Hester StreetA Paris enthralled with it

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Was feelingIt was a golden time for Lydia Maura and Rachel and the men they loved caught in scandals and dreamsall brought thrillingly to life in the pages of this story you will never forget

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    35 starsThis is one of those stories that's much too complicated to recap fully so I'm going to make this review short and sweet The book centers around three women from different social classes and the friendships that develop between them each of them using their wit and charm to get a leg up in life well Lydia already has lots of money It begins in 1885 and finishes at the turn of the century Very slight

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    read this on a vacation in Hilton Head it was in the condo we stayed in fabulous book i couldn't put it down

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