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Diapered Boys is an anthology of three novellas between 23000 and 27000 words each These stories are all about arrogant young men who learn how it feels to be diapered and regressed back to babyhood Each story is available as an individual title for between 399 and 499Baby Boy Toy is about a powerful man named Kevin who is turned into a baby again Yes he might start out in control of himself and those around him but by the time his new mommy is done he will be a docile boyAnna Lee Kevin’s boss is tired of his defiance so she hires Julia Monroe a beautiful young woman with a talent for putting naughty boys in their place Julia starts by getting a job as Kevin’s personal assistant Then after several months of devoted service she brings him a cup of coffee He drinks it and passes out When Kevin wakes up he is disoriented and confused but it doesn’t take him long to realize he’s in a crib It’s a crib with a locking topJulia comes to see him and promises that it won’t be long before he is a happy little baby She strips him diapers him feeds him with a bottle and spanks him to teach him how to be a well behaved baby boy At first he tries to get away but it’s not long before Julia and her friends get him to agree to be their little diaper boyNext in the anthology Tied Down

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Diapered Boys

Te for those account numbers and passwords Kelly calls Marissa and hires her to get that informationA few nights later Scott is alone at a bar when a beautiful woman sits next to him Perfectly seductive and sexy Marissa asks her target if he’d like to buy her a drink Eager to forget the fight with his wife Scott happily agrees He just has no idea what he’s really agreed toMarissa’s arsenal includes all of the tools she’ll need to make sure Scott learns his place She has plenty of diapers leashes harnesses bottles and pacifier gags to help him learn a few key lessons Once she’s done with him Scott will crawl on the floor wet his diapers and cry out for attention just like a toddlerAt first Scott tries to negotiate with his captor but nothing he says can dissuade her from diapering and regressing him It won’t be long before he gives in and surrenders the account information she wantsBut will it be enough Or will Marissa keep him diapered and helpless foreverPublisher's Note This 73000 word anthology contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable BDSM themes and content includes dubious consent orgasm denial bondage humiliation behavioral modification spanking punishment teasing wet diapers and light exhibitionis


And Diapered shows how Devon is changed from an independent workaholic into his girlfriend’s diapered plaything His greatest fantasy is turned against him when Brandi learns how pleasurable it can be to have her man helpless pathetic and begging for a changeDevon loves his girlfriend Brandi and trusts her so he confesses that he has a diaper fetish and fantasizes about age play So one night as they’re playing she works him up and offers him a surprise She puts a diaper on him and lets him come in it He is so satisfied with their night together that he passes out Only when he wakes up he has another diaper on This one is clean He also finds himself trapped in a pair of locking plastic pantsHe wanted to be turned into a baby boy for a few hours at a time Brandi wants him to be her little doll for as long as she wants Now she has pictures of him and he can’t escapeToddler Training is the final story Whenever a boyfriend or husband gets out of place Marissa steps in and teaches them a lesson in obedience She has a very uniue program one Scott is about to learn all aboutAfter getting into a huge fight with his wife Kelly Scott storms off and takes all of their banking information with him He’s so angry and upset with her that he doesn’t mind leaving her with nothing Despera

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