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Wandering Jew

Bsburg Empire in what is now Ukraine and dying in Paris 1939 he was a perpetual displaced person a traveller a prophet a compulsive liar and a man who covered h

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Is tracks In this revealing 'psycho geography' Dennis Marks makes a journey through the eastern borderlands of Europe to uncover the truth about Roth's lost wor

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Joseph Roth whose many novels included The Radetsky March was one of the most seductive disturbing and enigmatic writers of the twentieth century Born in the Ha

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    This book is a analysis of the work of Joseph Roth It was lent to me by a friend and despite never having read any of Roth's work I found it very interesting I see from the cover that it is published by Notting Hill Editions who focus on the publication of extended essays in book formDennis Marks' book is about Joseph Roth but it is also a historical work looking at the last years of the Austro hungarian empire and then what happened in 'Mi

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    In Russian and in Ruthenian the nineteenth century term for the local Slavic vernacular U kraina means 'at the border' It

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    Intressant och givande Måste läsa mer Joseph Roth

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