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Hell slams shut behind you there is no escapeand no one will hear you scream Michael In Hell pulls no punches It is brutal and often shocking but is high adventure giving the reader a chance to exist in a world that most would be terrified to encounter or enter

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The future Bizarre public executions provide mass entertainment HIV uarantine camps and super prisons surround Ohio cities Michael Tucker haunted by his father's abuse and Vietnam combat lives in Cincinnati where he attends weekly therapy sessions to discuss ho

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W the past changed his life But Michael has a secret Indiana cabin with black walls and windows and a swinging light above a rocking chair spiked to the plank floor A place he calls hell where a monster rules You are about to enter If you dare Once his door to

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    MICHAEL IN HELLDennis LathamYS Gazelle BooksTrade paper 1600 An author has to be either pretty sure of himself to provide the caveat “WARNING This novel will cause sleep loss” on the back cover of his work Latham does so but it may have been a bit of an exaggeration In fact some reviewers would even go so far as to

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    I like books that keep you reading This one did it for me The character of Michael Tucker seems real and at times I found it hard to believe that this is fiction I don't really want to tell a lot about the story but it is o