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Stay and run the risk of losing control or leave with the stranger who looked at her with disgust in his eyes Determined to escape she makes her decision For Hayden that night was supposed to be unlike any other He had planned it for so long and when it.

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Glory Author Deborah S. Jones

Young Glory Strair found herself in an impossible situationpretending to be someone she wasn t for one night She learned uickly that dressing the part and actually fulfilling the role were two different things and she finds herself faced with a choice;.

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Finally came it wasn t what he expected Then the scantily clad woman practically forced herself into his car and like it was supposed to be originally that night turned into one like no other Their destinies were changed by one night one choice one tou.

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    One NightOn center stage stands one Dr Glory Stair She's beautiful She's poised She's confident But she wasn't always that way One night many years ago defined her life Doing a favor for someone resulted in unparallel passion and her son Max Now a successful respected surgeon her past an unsavory past has caught up with her Is she ready to

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    The author is a freinds coworker I went to her book signing event prior to reading the book I really enjoyed itwell wriiten and cre