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    11 April 2014 120 pmI only suspect that not a lot of people would cry after reaching the last page of this modern masterpiece by Dean Francis A

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    A fecund oversexed imagination is on display in this first novel by Filipino writer Dean Francis Alfar the main proponent of speculative fiction in the country The sorcery of the title refers to the fuel that powers an imaginary Spanish galleon to soar through the skies The galleon is a fixture in certain fantastical short stories written by Gaudencio Rivera the bisexual male lead of the novel His fount of creativity is derived

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    Reading this book feels like reading Gabriel Garcia Maruez's Love in the Time of Cholera 4 stars It has the magical realism the sexual

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    Salamanca is a novel about loveBasically the plot goes like this Gaudencio Rivera the main character in the story announces

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    Dean Francis Alfar's novel Salamanca 2006 is a uite short piece of magic realism that stretches across much of the life of its central protagonist and through several decades of the Philippines' history I've been slightly im

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    A luminously sensuous family chronicle that could easily sit next to the best of Gabriel García Máruez The evo

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    I'm just not a fan of stories in which women play the part of mystical unknowable beings who are merely instruments for egocentric male protagonists and authors to realize their own selfhood especially not in the form of excessive homages to Gabriel Garcia Maruez such as this

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    Just like magic the novel opens up all of love's faces mysterious unexpected scary but will always leave us awestruck and wanting A g

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    Salamanca was awarded the Grand Prize for the Novel in the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in 2005 and was first published by the Ateneo Press in 2006 It is for the most part a love story and its appeal is in the interrogation of who that love's between or whatGeneralLanguageLike with most of Alfar

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    My Dear MinaThank you for the bandi you sent back with Tonio I did not realize how much I missed the taste of itI am happy that he was able to meet Cesar and that Cesar is wellSometimes when I think of everything that has happened I a

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L not least nonhuman and vividly peopled by a multigenerational and multinational cast of kith and kin this work of imagination takes the reader on a magical excursion into Philippine life and history while setting new standards for the Filipino novel along the wa. Just like magic the novel opens up all of love s faces mysterious unexpected scary but will always leave us awestruck and wanting A good mix of fantasy and an atypical Filipino love story Salamanca was such a pleasure to read

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Dean Alfar's first novel is about the sorcery wrought by love lust and literature by friendship family and the Filipino nation Salamanca streaks across decades and spaces tracking the stormy relationship between polymorphous perverse Gaudencio Rivera whose passion. Reading this book feels like reading Gabriel Garcia Maruez s Love in the Time of Cholera 4 stars It has the magical realism the sexual characters the use of Spanish sounding names full names instead of first or last only or even nicknames and the events in the novel happening while some important politicalhistorical milestones are on going as backdropsIt is a easy read Short but full of subplots and secondary characters that can sometimes be confusing The main plot however is about a bisexual man Gaudencio Rivera who falls in love with a beautiful maiden Jacinta Cordova who lives in Tagbaoran Palawan in a house that has glass walls Gaudencio Rivera wins the heart of Jacinta Cordova through his poems They get married but don t have sex because Gaudencio Rivera is secretly attracted to a man Cesar Abalos So the two men go to Manila and live together until they realize that they are not for each other So Gaudencio Rivera goes back to Tagbaoran to have a child with Jacinta Cordova with the condition of giving her freedom Jacinta Cordova agrees so they go back to Manila live in Gaudencio Rivera s ancestral house and start raising a family I will not tell you the rest of the story because I don t want people to put a comment that I should put a spoiler in this review I like the manner of storytelling The style approximates that of Gabriel Garcia Maruez The prose is incandescent and the use of flash forward as opposed to flashback is very interesting You will be proud of having a local book in your hands that is world class in storytelling style and can be put side by side with a Maruez or an Allende bookI just think that the development of the main plot got compromised along the way The many subplots affected the uality of the main plot In a number of pages I thought that the author is losing his track by telling unimportant or irrelevant sub plot that has nothing to do with the main plot the love story of Gaudencio and JacintaI also think that the relationship between Gaudencio and Cesar was left half baked maybe for fearing that this could be seen as gay lit Sure the two men eloped from Tagbaoran to Manila to live together but they never had sex While Gaudencio slept around with men and women I think the author played it safe and left us wondering what is the true of dominant sexual preference of Gaudencio Anyway thank you to Kristel for giving my copy of this book during my birthday celebration in 2010 I took me five years to finally pick up this book and read and it was all worth the waitDean Francis Alfar s first novel and I can t wait to read another one

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S ignite prodigious feats of writing and wandering and Palawena beauty Jacinta Cordova whose perfection transmutes walls into glass and adoration into artTracing the arc of an imperfect marriage sundered by acts of nature not least human and sutured by acts of wil. Salamanca is a novel about loveBasically the plot goes like this Gaudencio Rivera the main character in the story announces to his friends one day in a dinner party in Los Angeles that he wants to go back to the Philippines and return to his wife He has abandoned her many years ago for a man Yes a man He wants to apologize to her and renew his commitment of love to her and raise a child with her He wants to make right the great wrong he has done and start anew He then relates to one of his artist friends the story of how he first met his wife in Tagbaoran in PalawanHe ended up in the town of Tagbaoran after fleeing Manila because of a love affair gone wrong He wanted to become a teacher in the town However such a position wasn t needed So he ended up doing odd jobs just to survive He wasn t able to make use of his education and talent in writingHis fate changed the moment he saw Jacinta Cordova the most beautiful girl in the town and perhaps even in the whole of creation He first heard about her the day he entered Tagbaoran The first two things Gaudencio Rivera was made aware of within hours of arriving by carabao driven cart at the secluded town of Tagbaoran on the island province of Palawan were these that the most beautiful woman in creation dwelt by the river and that it was pointless to even dream of being loved by her He was informed that her name was Jacinta Cordova and that her beauty was of such purity and perfection that the walls of the house she lived in had turned transparent long ago to allow both sunlight and moonlight to illuminate her incandescenceHe saw her while he was out strolling in the woods and along a river She was inside her transparent house while he was outside looking in out of curiosity He was absolutely stunned the moment he saw her face He couldn t speak and all sorts of emotions welled up inside him The next moment he was running away from the glass house and away from Jacinta because he was swept away by his feelings He then spent the next days and weeks barely sleeping feverishly writing short stories poems novellas novels and dedicating all of them to Jacinta He would go to her house before dawn every single day and plaster his literature on her transparent walls Jacinta it so happened was struck the moment she saw him too She too was inflamed with emotions for him and each day she would wake up before sunrise and remove the stories and poems posted on her wall for fear that her aunt Apolinaria might see the unbelievable sightEventually they got married but their union only lasted for several days and wasn t even consummated for he ran off with Cesar a friend he met while earning his living in the town They went to Manila and Gaudencio began his life as a writer He stunned Manila s literary scene with his prodigious writing He got published in all the magazines and newspapers and won awards left and right He became successful But he also entered into illicit relationships with different people men and women alike He gave in to carnal pursuits for he felt that lust was the fuel that drove his creative outputMeanwhile in Tagbaoran Jacinta nursed a broken heart She endured years of sorrow and occupied herself by helping the Abalos family the family whom Cesar abandoned She became friends with Lucio Filomena and Gilberta and their other relatives She adjusted to a new lifeAfter the success Gaudencio s life became empty He was haunted by guilt He realized that the only thing that can make him happy is to see Jacinta again ask for her forgiveness start a family with her and grow old with herHence while in LA in the dinner party he announced to his writer friends that he will be going back to the woman he has betrayed and abandonedSo he returned but was rejected and hated especially by the people who cared for Jacinta He then proposed to her that he can free her from him on the condition that she gave him a childTo cut the long story short Gaudencio and Jacinta traveled back to Manila and they lived with his mother and brothers They had children but one died because of a freak accidentJacinta planned to give him only one son as they had agreed and return to Tagbaoran to marry a man who understood respected and loved herHowever Jacinta became totally occupied with being a mother and she realized she can t just leave her son to himSo they both grew old together Gaudencio ended his illicit relationships and remained loyal to her He devoted all his time to his wife and family and to his writing and teachingShortly before she died she wrote him a letter saying After everything you must know that I love youWhen she died blinding light shone forth from her body and she was transformed into the beautiful woman she once was And just like before the walls of their house in Manila became transparent because of her sheer beauty just like salamanca magicI like how Alfar told his story It kind of reminds me of Gabriel Garcia Maruez In fact the story itself reminds me of Love in the Time of Cholera The protagonist in that story is also a man possessed by feelings of love and desire and he like Gaudencio slept with different people I find that disturbing and no less disturbing and no doubt objectionable is the fact that he slept with other menSalamanca also reminded me of The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera The main character of that story was also a playboyI think what s beautiful about Salamanca is that it s honest about how lust carnal pursuits selfishness and uncontrolled fame and success etc eventually leads to emptiness and meaninglessness Only love and self sacrifice gives life meaning Gaundencio realized this when he day dreamed that his true happiness rested in being with Jacinta and have children and grandchildren with her