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Absorbing Jane

Swith one provisoDon’t read it on a handheld while waiting for a plane unless you want to pitch a tent with your trousers in the departure loungeEd A re release for this popular title now DeAnna is publishing exclusively with Fiction4All.

SUMMARY Absorbing Jane

DeAnna Sodus hits all the hot spots in this one She pays special attention to humiliation and sex Straight sex lesbian sex hot sex wet sex and lest I forget sex This book is a first volume that ends on a promise of to cum but after 88000 w.


Ords of sex I was not too put out as my poor member was ready for a restSo rather than hint at what befalls poor Jane I shall simply recommend this book to any reader who doesn't believe that sex scenes should only appear every twenty page.

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    The story is described as a FemdomLesbian domination novel about 34th of it's material is Maledom In fact the first 100 p

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