Archipelago Free Read By David Ward

  • Paperback
  • 143
  • Archipelago
  • David Ward
  • English
  • 15 April 2019
  • 9780889954007

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    Archipelago by David Ward is about a 12 year old boy named Jonah and his mother who go to the ueen Charlotte islands together after Jonah’s father died rock climbing Jonah’s mother tells Jonah that she is going to find food and make a fire and that she will be back in 10 minutes While his mother is out Jonah decides

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    Una pedazo de decepción Compré este libro muy emocionada hace unos meses me esperaba una historia middle grade súper bonita llen

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David Ward Ì 9 characters


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice 2009 Twelve year old Jonah and his mother a well known photographer are on a self healing mission exploring the natural beauty of the ueen Charlotte Islands They are each trying in their own way to get over the tragic loss of father and husband whodied in a rock climbing accident months before One day a mysterious girl appears wading in the waters near their floathouse and an even mysterious mist saves Jonah from his own plunge off a cliff.

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Top Jonah is plunged into a time travel adventure that takes him back 14000 years when the Charlottes were one of the stops for the ancient peoples making their way from Asia over the Bering Strait and down through the Americas It is a time when the seas were much lower than they are in the 21st century because of the proliferation of ice and the different climate and so the map of the islands had changed significantly For Jonah this is a healing uest teaming with Akilah the girl f.

characters Archipelago

Rom that other time who teaches him survival skills he has never dreamed of There is menace in the confrontation with the Crossers recent arrivals from the Bering Strait and from all manner of natural hazards The burgeoning friendship with Akilah arouses all Jonah's generous instincts and yearning for love Above all he discovers personal strengths that help him get past the loss of his father ualities and realizations that he brings back to his mother when the adventure is complete.

About the Author: David Ward

David Ward was born in Montreal and grew up in Vancouver He was an elementary school teacher for eleven years before completing his master's degree He is the author of the Grassland trilogy and is a writer and university instructor in children's literature He lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and their three children