[PDF ebook] Pleasure Slaves of the Archipelago by David Anjou – PDF, DOC & Kindle eBook free

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Summary Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ David Anjou

Role by a series of boyfriends the last of which arranges for to be snatched and taken to an offshore semi tropical island the location of which she never knowsWith five other girls she is subjected by a team of masters to a harsh regime of sexual and obedience training in constant bondage and used almost at random for their pleasure While Toni and some of her cohort respond are able to resign themselves to their lives as sex slaves they find it impossible to avoid at least occasional punishments; which include long periods in strict restraints both outdoors and in cages.

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Pleasure Slaves of the Archipelago

And tiny cells; whippings and canings and periods of exile on a neighbouring island at the mercy of a deformed and sadistic recluse Although one of the masters takes a special interest in her Toni knows that her future holds many new experiences for her including a period of intensive instruction in the lesbian artsThis is the first of a series of novels which will recount the stories of the lives of the pleasure slaves of The Archipelago an authority that remains mysterious even to the other slave owning societies that that hold jurisdiction in various parts of the world.

Summary Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ David Anjou

Toni believes herself to be an orphan and has been brought up by a series of foster parents in Lancashire England She has lacked for nothing except a family of her own and is lucky enough to approach adulthood with an undemanding job a home of her own and some limited but independent meansUnbeknown to her however she was born a slave; the property of The Archipelago a rich and powerful group of men and women who keep use and breed slaves in secure environments scattered all over the world As she approaches and passes her eighteenth birthday she is prepared for her future.