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Cluding much which for political reasons could not be said in his 1950s memoir The First and the Last to aerospace historian and writer David Baker The General has also opened his private photograph collection.

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Adolf Galland The Authorised Biography

This biography is the life story of Germany's most famous World War II air force officer Adolf Galland As a fighter ace he became the youngest general in the Wehrmacht whose combat career spanned the years fro.

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M biplanes over Spain to the first operational jet fighters His command position put him in perilously close contact with the leaders of the Third Reich Over several years General Galland has told his story in.

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    Its hard to write a favorable review for the authorized biography of Nazi General especially one name Adolf that your friends can read but this is an important piece of history AND he was no Nazi hardly a 'General' and no great friend of Hitler their party or the inner circle he orbited with ridicule long before Nuremberg trials

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    I've read many books about the RAF's war from the English pilots point of view This shows it from a German pilots perspective It brings home how close they were to victory Our boys were absolutely superb but I feel the Germans had the edge Only the incompetence of their leaders held them back

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