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Lieving that Beau instigated the bribe Perri took the money which has long since been depleted by Chelsea's medical bills Knowing Braden got custody of Beau from his mother after Beau's father died of the same genetic heart condition Perri fearing Braden's reaction is afraid to reveal that Beau fathered ChelseaBeau believes Perri volunteered to have their marriage annulled for money Confl.

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A Risk Of Rain Love Spectrum Romance

Ict flares in the tour atmosphere But Beau is the leading money winner and because of financial need Perri ends up caddying for him on percentage Each harbors bitterness against the other entwined with revived feelings of love Drawn together they make love and then uarrel over their broken marriage neither believing the other's story of what happened and neither knowing Braden deceived th.

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Needing money for her seven year old daughter Chelsea's pending heart surgery Perri Hardin signs on to caddie for the pro golf tour Her first day she encounters ex husband Beau St Cyr Perri hasn't seen Beau for eight years since his grandfather Braden bribed her to end the marriage because of social differences and his belief that Perri interfered with Beau's game Secretly pregnant and be.

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    This was a good book Although I still couldn't understand why Perri hid Chelsea from Beau even after he found out she had a child and was willing to love her as his own The mysterysuspense portion of the book was very good I kept thinking I knew who heshe was but I was never really sure

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