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Summary Christmas Salvation A Deviate Novella #15

Christmas Salvation A Deviate Novella #15

“Our love is infinite”Paths were crossed and destiny was set into motion but sometimes fate needs a helping handor two Angel proposed to Nevaeh in ho.

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An appearance that sets Neveah off into familiar territory Can they both move forward and start a new life togetherCan this Christmas hold their salvatio.

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Pes to start their happily ever after but something is holding her back Can the past remain in the past or will it haunt her future Angel’s past makes.

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    45 stars rounded up to 5I received and eARC of this book from the authorI really enjoyed this novella It was short sweet and wrapped up Angel and Neveah’s story At the end of Deviation we got a little epilogue but I being the greedy reader I am wanted I was excited when Dani came to me and told me she was writing a no

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    Wanna know what happens to Angel and Neveah? Grab this book Their story continues into a happily ever after Dani brings us all that closure we've always wanted into a book

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    So Happily Ever AfterOMG I was so thrilled when Dani informed me that my thirst for of Angel and Neveah would be uenched I never thought that in such a short span she could once again completely fill my heart They found each other and now have

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