[Dan Dale Alexander] Arthritis and Common Sense [medievalesque Book] Kindle ePUB

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    Got ARTHRITIS This is the book for you Dan Dale Alexander was saddened by watching his mother’s arthritis worsen over many years As a result he took actionDan amazingly spent 30 years reviewing medical information and doing laboratory testings “During the course of his laboratory experiments he developed an arthirtic condition within his own body” Essentially he was his own guinea pig What a blessing that he shar

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    Hard to believe this was copyright 1954 Much of the information sounds like recent things I've read And the advice does seem like common sense although I'm not sure how well I will follow it given my sweet tooth

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Tances which help lubricate painful swollen joints In this revised edition Alexander explains his findings on food assimilation and offers a drug free method of alleviating the symptoms of arthriti

summary Arthritis and Common Sense

Arthritis and Common Sense

During the course of 30 years of research Dale Alexander found evidence to indicate that the onset of arthritis can often be directly related to a person's eating habits He maintains that good nutr

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Ition proper foods consumed according to certain dietary rules has helped thousands and can bring relief to millions of arthritis sufferers He believes also that cod liver oil contains several subs