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Er and his adventures from High school teacher to 1st Science Officer on board the Lunar Base 1 Mobile Base Station and his encounters with Alien Life forms through out our uni. Voyage of the Dawn Treader begins with There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved itIt was the best of times it was the worst of times launches A Tale of Two Cities Dale Courtney s literary masterpiece Moon People opens thuslyThis Story Begins on a beautiful sunny day in Daytona Beach Florida with a man by the name of David Braymer A 45 year old single man that works at the local high school as a science teacher He also teaches astronomy in the 12 grade level Now he has been here about 5 years and has become somewhat partial to a young lady by the name of Cheral Basel a local restaurant owner in Daytona Beach Florida At the moment Cheral is preparing her restaurant for another shuttle launch at the cape Everyone always gathers at her place because you can see the launch real good there It is on the water and itssic real close to the Cape She always decks the place out right before a launch tooIt gets worseYou might be familiar with the internet meme Three Wolf Moon An otherwise uninspired t shirt became a best seller as people began to post over the top 5 star reviews A similar phenomena lead to my purchase of Moon People The review ratings tend to assume an inverted bell curve distribution either one star warning others that it s perhaps the worst writing ever to be realized in print or five stars where Moon People fanboys praise Courtney for his daring reimagined and unorthodox bending of sentence and grammatical conventionsThe fact that I read this book in just two sittings today is entirely due to the beautiful outdoor weather where I lounged at length reading and watching birds fight over the resources we had set out for them This is also why my head didn t explode from this appalling train wreck of a novelBad plot aside there s literally errors on every page yet there s no indication that this work is an intentional farce or that English may not be Courtney s first language Mid sentence a new paragraph or chapter might begin He completely ignore uotes when characters are talking preferring to identify the speaker with names in parentheses Rarely a page goes by without the erroneous inclusion of an apostrophe on a plural noun or eually likely the lack of an apostrophe when reuired He seems to understand that some words are hyphenated but uses spaces instead eg Pre packaged anti social etc Words are Capitalized at Random tenses are mixed and understanding that a character posed a uestion must be divined from the text itself as uestions marks are freuently absent I never knew basket Ball or breath taking were two words that one could receive a bomb barding or that a covered water source is totally in cased Twice he refers to Star Trek s Mister Spok while other aliens described as strong look like they were solid mussel The homophonic misspellings are so rampant that at one point I briefly entertained the idea that Courtney might be encoding some secret message to be revealed by only the most determined of fans They re especially effective when delivered back to back eg Go ahead and plot a coarsesic to Pluto and raise our speed to mocksic sevenA handful of times Courtney suddenly shifts from third person he to second person narrative you brilliantly jarring the reader out of complacency and thrusting him into the narrativeExample Admiral Benson Well here we go campers Commander Tice go to yellow alert Commander Tice Yes sir going to yellow alert now sir Suddenly the yellow light started flashing on the wall and you heard the navy whistle go off for five seconds and then it was just the flashing a yellow light againI guess it s like breaking the fourth wall but in reverse As for the imagination reuired of all sci fi authors I ll leave you with the following excerptDavid I have one uestion sir Admiral Benson What s that Captain David Well sir I was wondering if we had any kind of shields sir like on star trekauthor s lack of capitalization Admiral Benson Very good uestion Captain The answer is yes we do Our shields are all over on certain parts of the ship in vital areas on the outside They are a liuid that turns into the strength of four inches of steel when it gets hard because of being exposed to the cold of space They also have heaters on them to turn it back into a liuid state again All of our windows have a thick peacesic of steel for shutter ssic that close when we go to red alert David Wow that s impressive thank you sir Admiral Benson Any time Captain that was a good uestion

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Moon People

Verse and the space Battle of all battles David experiences I hope you enjoy the many adventures of David Braymer and his conuest in space and our journey into the Age of Auari. Amazing A timeless example of how to not write

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This Book is based on the turning point for Earth into a new era of space travel and the beginning of the Age of Auarius The story focuses on one Man by the Name of David Braym. I m going to hook up my new telescope we will watch it as it gets close This is a special telescope that can see during the day c OwLegend of a novel along with

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    There are no words that could describe this book writing collection of words randomly put together on paper I would like to nominate for execution all self publishers that allow complete piles of putrescence like this to be printed and released upon the unsuspecting public I don't want punishment for these people I want professional concentrated torture The Geneva Convention be damned these people deserve it all I want medieval t

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    Moon People has reshaped my literary perceptions After reading the heroic story of Captain David Braymer 1st Science Officer of the space ship USS Lunar Base One I feel as if I have been unbound from the restraints put in place by a dozen English teachers Amazing I said to myself when I realized the linguistic flexibility that comes from releasing character speech from its uotation marks There is a certain joy that com

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    “I'm going to hook up my new telescope we will watch it as it gets close This is a special telescope that can see during the day c OwLegend of a novel along with

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    i've only just begun reading Moon People but so far it is nothing short of a radical reworking of literary form it is like a novel written by someone who has never read a novel any all conventions of the English language in

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    'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' begins with There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved itIt was the best of times it was the worst of times launches 'A Tale of Two Cities'Dale Courtney's literary masterpiece 'M

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    There is no book like itSome books are hard to read when distracted but Moon People is better one 3 page chapter per sittingThere is no way all the grammatical errors are by accident and hope someday to brake the code contained within themEveryone who writes should try to read this book and than hug their first reads and their editors just i

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    I do not like to give one star ratings but this book did not even earn so much as one star I started out proof reading my

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    Amazing A timeless example of how to not write

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    If you are only going to read one book this year make it Moon People This book is the literary euivalent of “Wheel of Fortune”

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    This is not a book for me The storyline itself is very imaginative but there are grammatical errors and spelling errors thro

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