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Gs’ the artisan chutney the instacelebs It’s about the Pure Hames we’re making of thingsIn Bolloxology Colm O’Regan comedian and author of the bestselling Irish Mammies books shows that our world is now less a planet and a hot air balloon Illustrated by the hilarious Twisted Doodles Bolloxology is an indispensable guide to the deceptive cod infested seas of twenty first century lif.

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Let me ask you a uestionHave you ever wondered why pretentiousness jargon bullshit and Having Notions Above Our Station are so rife in the world today Well there’s now a recognized science that studies all of these forms of self delusion Welcome to the world of BolloxologyWe might not know it but the modern world has subjected all of us to some form of Bolloxology It’s that moment when.

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You’ve paid twenty euro for fish and chips just so it can be served on a piece of slate It’s when you share yet another Inspirational uote of the Day against your better judgement It’s when you realize you haven’t understood a word That Politician has said to you on your doorstep yet you feel strangely compelled to take a selfie with him It’s about the passion the ‘key learnin.

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    I heard Colm O'Regan do a reading of this at a book shop event and it was absolutely hilarious Everyone was in stitches The stack of books on the table disappeared very uickly But that kind of marred it a bit in comparison to the reading it just doesn't have the same delivery while reading it my head it was a bit like reading a comedian's stand up routine without the comedian And there was a lot of preaching to the conve

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    Bollox is probably the most applicable word to describe this book The book started off on the right track with

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    enjoyed this book and its take on Irishness

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