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Sad Lisa

Llenge the very people he trusts and untangle a complex web of lies and betrayal Tragic darkly funny and fantastically violent Sad Lisa tells a story of amateur criminals trying to play with the big boys resulting in terrifying conseuences.

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Ronin’s life changes dramatically when he meets a stranger at his boxing club who offers him a job but before long he realises his new boss operates on the wrong side of the law Although Ronin is rewarded generously and can afford a lif.

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Estyle beyond anything he has ever dreamed the work pushes his morals to the limits When Ronin meets Lisa he falls for her instantly; after she mysteriously disappears his life turns upside down In his uest to find her he is forced to cha.

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  • 09 April 2017
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    This book made a change from the usual cops versus villains format as it only dealt with the villains tale with no sign of police anywhere no matter what they did Once you got the hang of the dialect and managed to gloss over the copious amount of swear words the tale was uite intriguing However it did become ui

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    Just not for me

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