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Intellectual boyfriend Modem Claire Bretecher's other books including Frustration and Mothe.

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From her father correcting her mother's use of out of date slang and trying to put down her.

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Agrippina is an awful intellectual brat of 14 years constantly demanding large sums of money.

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    I'm a fan of Claire Bretécher and always liked AgrippinaIt's humorous and realistic description of a dysfunctional family The humour

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    It may not make sense for me to say how great this is considering that I only understood maybe 50% of it not only do I not speak French fluently but as part of her attempt to make the teenage dialogue in Agrippine eually confusing for all ages Bretécher made up a whole lot of slang no French person ever used before But that's part

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    Truculente Agrippine on en redemande certaines planches sont hilarantes d'autres peut être un peu dépassées mais le tout vaut le coup d'être luon s'y retrouve un peu tous

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