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Cover IntAIA Clemens Medal “A Book of Outstanding Literary uality and DesignNon Fiction Book Awards Biography GOLD MEDAL WINNERReader Views Choice Awards Biography FIRST PLACEFeathered uill Literary Award Historical FIRST PLACEFeathered uill Literary Award Best Debut Author THIRD PLACEBeverly Hills Book Awards Cover Design WINNERBeverly Hills Book Awards Interior Design WINNERBeverly Hills Book Awards Coffee Table Book AWARD WINNING FINALISTReaders' Favorite International Book Awards Biography SILVER MEDAL WINNERInternational Book Awards Biography AWARD WINNING FINALISTNext Generation Indie Book Awards Biography AWARD WINNING FINALISTForeword INDIEFAB Book of the Year Biography AWARD WINNING FINALISTEric Hoffer da Vinci EYE Outstanding Cover Art AWARD WINNING FINALISTEric Hoffer Book Award Reference AWARD WINNING HONORABLE MENTIONSan Francisco Book Festival Biography AWARD WINNING HONORABLE MENTIONNew York Book Festival Biography AWARD WINNING HONORABLE MENTION ROWDYChristopher MadsenCPM Publishing 2015ISBN 9780996026000Reviewed By Michel Violante for Reader Views 0316My wife received Rowdy by Christopher Madsen for review as a fan of memoirs World War I and WWII but being an Adriatic Sea creature from the ports of Bari Italy I snatched it for myself and I am glad I did The book begins with Madsen s own story and the beginning of his relationship with the sea which was seeded by his own father After the loss of his wife it is that relationship and love for sailing that helped him through his grief and to start a new life within the world of sailing One day he receives a phone call from a boat restorer and seller and that is when he discovers the 1916 yacht Rowdy It is at this point in the book that the reader will sail through time into history through the life of this exceptional boat s first owner Christopher Madsen s research will not only unravel a personal account of World War I through Holland Duell s journal it will also enrich his own life through a priceless sea jewel and its roots as he meets its long lost familyMadsen s research is impeccable I can t imagine the amount of time invested in restoring the boat and uncovering its story He was not only successful in both goals he had set for himself he went even further by creating this beautiful collection of journals pictures and his own life accounts This well written book will captivate the reader to travel within its pages and pictures into the second decade of the 1900 s through time and all the way to the re birth of Rowdy This book is not just about the boat These pages are also an homage to Madsen s love for sailing and his relationship with the seaIf you haven t guessed it yet I truly enjoyed Rowdy by Christopher Madsen and recommend it as a five star read for history and sailing lovers alike It is a wonderful gift for anyone s book collection and a wonderful couch traveling adventure to come back to on a relaxing weekend afternoon

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Rowdy AUTHOR Christopher Madsen

A newly unearthed gem in American history Rowdy by Christopher Madsen is perhaps one of the most highly awarded books of 2015 Rowdy is a 1920s adventure and love story that follows the colorful history of the famous 1916 racing yacht for which the book is titled The tale rediscovered and pieced back together by Madsen during his six year renovation of the yacht centers on the life of the original owner New York senator Holland Sackett Duell as he is immersed in The Great War politics at the highest level the birth of Hollywood fortunes and mansions love affairs as well as scandalous affairs and of course the thrill of illustrious New York Yacht Club sailing aboard his yacht Rowdy Fully bringing to life the era and flair of Gatsby and Hemmingway Rowdy by contrast is completely true historically significant and meticulously documented in support of the authenticity100 years after her launch Rowdy the yacht is still making history She is berthed in the Mediterranean When I originally decided to read Rowdy a non fictional story about the renovation of a 1916 yacht I don t think I realized what I was getting myself into I do love books featuring historical look backs which is why I had readily acuired this book However upon its arrival I was understandably stunned by the book s massiveness and the words it s like a museum in a box flitted through my head Rowdy was so large that it arrived in a box hence the referenceViewing this book for the first time I imagine I felt a teeny tiny sense of the same what have I gotten myself into that Christopher Madsen the book s author and Rowdy s renovator undoubtedly felt upon realizing he now had ownership of this rather derelict 1916 yacht a sailing vessel that unbeknownst to him then had an amazing story to shareRowdy the book is divided into several accountings and each one is engrossingly interesting To say that I struggled to set this book down is an understatement So after Madsen s initial about me and his newest project introduction the reader will then be privy to his first phone call with Harriet Anne Duell Harriet who prefers to be called Hanny is the last living child of Holland Duell Rowdy s original owner Almost two years after that initial phone call Hanny decides to pay a visit to the now renovated yacht that she hasn t set foot on in 83 years Wow is also an understatementAfter meeting Madsen in person and after scampering around the yacht as if she were once again 10 Hanny gifts Madsen with the Pandora s Box or the holy grail as the case may be of previously unknown to him information from Rowdy s original owner Holland s writings during World War One which he later published as The History of the 306th Field Artillery This is where next section of Rowdy begins and is labeled The Journal The Journal allows the reader to experience a first hand accounting of the events that transpired from May 11 1917 through May 10 1919 Madsen also did a remarkable job of searching out and supplementing additional facts for these two years making this section read as if it was Holland s personal diaryjournal It was certainly an eye opening and riveting look at a small time period within World War One complete with drawings diagrams photographs and other remembrances from these yearsAfter the reader completes The Journal section heshe will then learn about the Duell s family history including career choices political andor otherwise Looking back almost one hundred years through time I must say that familial drama existed even then it just seems we were a bit refined in how we dealt with it thenI really don t want to provide any further information about this book I don t want to take anything away from the reader s journey of discovery Rowdy is certainly a wonderful read It s interesting well written and provides a consistent stream of historical factsLastly if you re a lover of reading anything nautical andor historical then Rowdy will simply suck you in not spitting you back out until you reach its conclusion

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And in such playgrounds as Cannes and Monaco she has won hundreds of races against the finest classic yachts in the world As Sandman Yacht Company stated “this yacht has indeed dominated her class at the classic regattas making her probably the most successful classic race winner on the Mediterranean Circuit EVER” This elegant 8 ½ x 11 hard cover accented with gold leaf stamping blind deboss and a rounded spine with spine hubs ribs portrays the look and feel of worn vintage leather; an enjoyable compliment to the old world feel in which the entire story is told Not only is this a magnificent coffee table book but the rich and timeless content within also render Rowdy a worthy and rare compliment to the classic section of any fine libraryAWARDSNational Indie Excellence Awards Historical Biography WINNERIndie Reader Discovery Awards Biography WINNERIBPA Ben Franklin Award Biography SILVER MEDAL WINNERPublishing Professionals Network Certificate of Excellence The title Rowdy perhaps implies a story of mayhem and parties and in a strange way you wouldn t be far off identifying this saga as a spirited account even though Rowdy does not identify a state of mind but is the name of a sailboat author Christopher Madsen discovered in 1998At that point Rowdy was certainly not living up to her name derelict leaky and neglected the yacht and her former owner were largely a mystery and as author Christopher Madsen began rebuilding his new acuisition so he became intrigued by her past and became determined to not just rebuild her but also to solve all of her mysteries The surprising course of this investigation traversed East and West coasts involved exhaustive research and ultimately drew the author as much into researching Duell and nautical history as into the physical act of restoring an old once grand boat In fact over sixteen years went into the making this story and so Rowdy is not a uick nautical adventure so much as an in depth and personal investigation made all the gripping by the fact that the story is completely true historically significant and meticulous footnoted throughout It should be noted that color and vintage historical black and white photos and illustrations are liberally peppered throughout something missing in many a nautical tale and a feature which lends a visual touch to the story line Rowdy offers many unusual facets that set it apart from other nautical titles Another facet included in the book Holland Duell s war journal provides vivid personalized descriptions of his experiences in the Great War and is represented to be the most detailed accounting ever written on the 306th Field Artillery 77th DivisionBut finally and perhaps most importantly Rowdy is a history journal of a boat its owner and the process of tracking down a multifaceted story of her life and times a process that immersed the author not only in the original owner s remarkable story but also afforded him the most wonderful and special opportunity to meet and become friends with many of Holland Duell s descendants And so readers anticipating a singular story of a boat s restoration or a yachting adventure or even a new owner s discoveries about his impulsive purchase will find so much here The historical research and vintage history is simply extraordinary making Rowdy an exceptional standout presentation that neatly moves far above and beyond the multitudes of books competing for similar shelf space Five stars

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    When I originally decided to read Rowdy a non fictional story about the renovation of a 1916 yacht I don't think I realized what I was getting myself into I do love books featuring historical ‘look backs’ which is why I had readily acuired this book However upon its arrival I was understandably stunned by the

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    The most beautiful book I have ever owned which I won thru a Goodreads giveaway Loved the tale of Rowdy born many years ago neglected and brought to life by Christopher Madsen Included are tales from the war and the true story of an original owner A book to forever cherish

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    I received this book in a Goodreads GiveawayThis is a beautiful book but don't just leave it on your coffee tableThe history of a sailboat written with love and attention to detail Worth your time even if you have never been on the water

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    The title Rowdy perhaps implies a story of mayhem and parties and in a strange way you wouldn't be far off identifying this saga as a spirited account even though 'Rowdy' does not identify a state of mind but is the name of a sailboat author Ch

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    Christopher Madsen’s Rowdy is a beautiful hard cover book I can’t imagine its lying on a coffee table without starting a delightful conversationRowdy is also a delight to read Once I started it I couldn't put it down Madsen buys a vintage sail boat in 1998 and vows to restore it to its original 1916 condition He spends a great deal of time and money on the project over the next several years but eventually gets th

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    ROWDYChristopher MadsenCPM Publishing 2015ISBN 9780996026000Reviewed By Michel Violante for Reader Views 0316My wife received “Rowdy” by Chr

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    An impressive work of art Beautifully written researched and comprehensive to the nth degree Rowdy has everything you could ever want to know about the restoration of this magnificent classic yacht Throw into the mix a boatload of adventure romance a colorful cast of characters and a boat you can’t help but fall in love with and you’ve go

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    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway Rowdy is actually multiple books in one It starts out as an enticing travelogue of boating around California It includes a true story about a sailing boat's enthusiast who becomes ob

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