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L is a former bad boy looking for redemption He is desperate to atone for past mistakes that he made with his family but younger brother Drew has cut him out of his life and refuses to even speak to him Which means Michael needs help getting to DrewAnd so he approaches Shannon with a proposition If she will get Drew to agree to hear him out Michael will mentor Shannon in how to win his brother?. This is the first Christine S Feldman I have read and I really enjoyed it This is the story of tomboy Shannon Mahoney who was a nerdy wallflower in high school ten years before She has not gotten much better these days as she dresses to hide herself in dull and boring clothing all in beige and pulls her beautiful red mane back into a bun or ponytail to make it less noticeable This is a problem that began in high school when she was mercilessly teased because of her bright red hair and braces She has carried that with her all these years and only sees herself as the others did in high school Her parents put her down as well letting her think she was unattractive and something to be ashamed of They wouldn t let her go to college because they thought she wasn t good enough It was a real shameAnd then we have Drew Kingston who she thinks she s in love with They were in the same high school class but he s not even aware they went to the same school When he won local political office he inherited Shannon as his assistant and he has not one clue that she obsesses on him every minute of every day and has for than ten years One day a man comes to Drew s office but is refused a brief meeting It just so happens it is Michael Drew s older brother the cock of the walk man whore and the black sheep of the Kingston family and he wants to make amends and talk to Drew about an issue Drew is horrible to him and Michael confers with Shannon to help him get into speak with his brother or at least relay a message and in return he will help her learn to dress to impress men and teach her to become comfortable so Drew will be drawn to herThis is a fun read One I enjoyed a great deal I definitely recommend this book for a uick and sweet read

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The Bargain

Tomboy Shannon Mahoney has always been a lot comfortable with power tools than high heels or lipstick and she wishes she could reinvent herself and finally tell her perfect boss Drew Kingston she has had a crush on him since high school But she is just as tongue tied and awkward around him now as she ever was and long familiar patterns are hard things from which to break freeLadies’ man Michae. Short totally predictable clich ridden but never less heartwarming and comforting story of two protagonists with the past they trying to correct They entered in to what both perceived to be a mutually beneficial bargain he would get his brother to reconsider giving up their parents house and she would get some help to get noticed by the said brother They didn t bargain to fall in love


?s heart Suspicious of Michael’s motives Shannon initially enters into the bargain just to make sure Michael isn’t actually in town to cause trouble for Drew but the two unlikely allies are surprised to discover they enjoy each other’s company far than either expectedShannon starts to realize that maybe love isn’t about reinventing yourself after all It’s about finding your perfect mat. Originally posted at The CanonI m already a huge fan of Ms Feldman s work and The Bargain only proved my feelings right There s no messing around from the first page Feldman introduces the reader to her protagonist Shannon and her longtime high school crush on her boss Drew I loved Shannon s personality spunk mixed in with a little insecurity and a good heart She immediately drew me to her especially since we watch most of the novel unfold from her point of view the entire book is written in limited third person which lends a little extra to the narrative itself Even though both Shannon and Michael fit into a basic romantic stereotype I felt that Feldman pushed the characters until they broke the mold Michael is the dark haired reformed bad boy but the goodness of his heart slowly shines through I enjoyed the sparks between Shannon and Michael they consistently felt real and vibrantFinal Thoughts I loved everything about this book from the moment Shannon flips through her high school yearbook to when she steps into the bar This uick easy read jams in my favorite things about romance novels and lets me drift away from my life into their world Each character was vivid and memorable especially Shannon and Michael and I loved reading their story

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    Short totally predictable cliché ridden but never less heartwarming and comforting story of two protagonists with

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    Click Banner to Enter WINGING IT ebook 3x Giveaway Ends June 30 2015I love a good urban fantasy but every once in a while you need a marvelously sweet reality based home town romance The Bargain provided all that and Shannon Mahoney was an awkward teen who had a major crush on one of the most popular boys in school Drew Kingston Most of the t

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    Shannon Mahonney lives by herself and works for her high school crush the perfect Drew Kingston She is not at all flashy Instead she loves ear

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    I thoroughly enjoyed The BargainIt was one of those books where you can actually sayHeythat ShannonShe was could have been me The Bargain is about Shannon who does not dress up and dresses for comfortShe has had a crush on one manDrew for 10 yearssince high schoolbut is to shy to say anythingMichaelDrew's brother comes to town and they make a dealShe helps him and he will help her get DrewWell we all know what happens wi

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    Amanda‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 STARSThe Bargain by Christine S Feldman is an absolute gem of a romance story The story she creates in such a short amount

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    This is the first Christine S Feldman I have read and I really enjoyed it This is the story of tomboy Shannon M

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    SynopsisShannon Mahoney is not the kind of girl who turns heads she has always been too shy to capture any men´s attenti

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    Originally posted at The CanonI'm already a huge fan of Ms Feldman's work and The Bargain only proved my feelings right There's no messing around from the first page Feldman introduces the reader to her protagonist Shannon a

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    I love reading clean romance books I just can't help it It's the classic boy meets girl the struggle the toe curling kisses and of course the resolution When I want escape diversion and dreamy romance this is genre is where I goThe Bargain i

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    This was a really cute and fun romance There were some great toe curling moments Though the characters had enough flaws to make them realistic they were perfectly wonderful Shannon has some sass and is uirky Michael is the repentant bad boy sweet and kind when it counts They have great chemistry together All of

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