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When Rhea Sonja and Julian decide they want to live life on their terms their worlds open up so much than they expect For Rhea Dudley everything comes to a screeching halt when the deepest betrayal cuts through the middle of her heart – her husband’s infidelity Besides attempting to be a loyal wife daughter best friend and teacher Rhea unknowingly finds herself having to decide between the desires of others or her happiness Avoiding false love and chasing dreams Rhea uses her voice through her writing and embraces the idea that loving self never hurts When Sonja Tremmel was

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Enough Time

A little girl growing up in the north she never imaged the trials she’d encounter in life Forced to grow up fast and learn the art of survival heading to jail as an adolescent turns out to be the smallest pill for Sonja to swallow when it comes to being pregnant as a young inmate After hooking up with her guardian angel Cecilia Sonja begins to take a long hard look at her past present and uncertain future becoming the inspiration for others to continue seeking redemption and finding love Even after Julian Jones a young finance executive decides to detach from his hurtful past

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He continues to feel empty inside Always known for his strong confident personality the perception actually lacks depth Dealing with rejection from his father losing his secret love interest and high profile job Julian finds console as a mentor to a young inner city youth and makes a decision on leaving a meaningful mark on life Rhea Sonja and Julian all prove that committing to change is sometimes easier said than done They also learn that tomorrow is not a promise yet opportunity for change in the moment realized Will the need for change overpower their ability to move forward

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    Rhea Sonja and Julian deal with life issues in Enough Time by Christin Webb Rhea Dudley believes she has a wonderful marriage until her husband Terrance starts talking with his hands When Rhea catches Terrance cheating it’s the person he cheats with that breaks Rhea’s heart Sonja Tremmel has had to grow up before her time and not having parental guidance leads Sonja down the wrong path After going to jail Sonja meet

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    Redemption new beginnings is what this story will take you through There is an emotion for every reader in this book Rhea is a writer who realizes that self love is important than anything Sonja seeks love redemption; Julian mentors inner city youth There is a need for change that these three must embrace following this trio on th

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    This story line had me sucked in from the beginning Loved it

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