My Dream Lover the Centaur [ebook] BY Christie Sims – Kindle & PDF

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Melinda is running from her past trying to find her future when she lands in the small town of Mountain View Stopping for gas in the tiny town she meets twins Damian and Shane Damian the dark brother and Shane the light one That night a strange sound.

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My Dream Lover the Centaur

Rouses her Melinda heads into the woods following the sound When she comes across two centaurs fighting she knows that she’s still asleep and dreaming But these centaurs wear familiar faces Damian and Shane are fighting over her When Shane takes her.

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Back to her cottage she finds herself strongly drawn to him Dreamily she seduces him using his body for her pleasure working them both into a frenzy of arousal When Melinda wakes she’s alone in the cold dawn It was all a dream Wasn’t it Words 570.