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Thirty nine year old Kate had almost given up on love when she met her fiance Now she's planning for the wedding she never dreamed she'd have But things seem to be slipping out of her control Diana Kate Williamson never thought the day would come when she would get married so when her boyfriend Ian proposes at the top of the Eiffel Tower she s thrilled As she sets about planning her wedding family troubles mean that Kate s up to her eyeballs with everything and as her family step in to help her plan her perfect wedding she finds herself slowly losing control Diana Ashford born on the day Princess Di wed Charles is desperate for her very own fairytale wedding Now that she s found her prince Ben she s in full Bridezilla mode made worse by the fact that her parents indulge her every whim Set against the backdrop of the other couple getting married will Kate and Diana make it up the aisle or will it all descend into a right Royal farceI m a big big fan of Chrissie Manby and she s an author whose books I look forward to year after year What I Did On My Holidays was meant to be her 2011 novel but after the announcement that Prince William was marrying Kate Middleton Chrissie was struck by inspiration and wrote Kate s Wedding in a month I was looking forward to reading it knowing there d be an influx of Royal wedding related novels knowing if anyone could put her own spin on it it would be Chrissie But I was also apprehensive how good can a book be when it s put together in a matter of months when the whole process usually takes a year I dived into the book nevertheless and I wasn t disappointed at allYou would think that a book called Kate s Wedding that focuses on two weddings taking place in April 2011 might be a bit of a let down or a rip off and some people might expect the book to just be a homage to William and Kate but thankfully that s not the case at all Yes the two female main characters are called Kate and Diana and yes Kate and Wills wedding does feature prominently but that s not the be all and end all of the book It just provides an enjoyable backdrop to the book and I liked how Diana was determined to out do Wills and Kate from the engagement ring to the engagement photos I found it hugely amusing in fact Kate the fictional one isn t as hopped up on weddings as Diana is as her focus is mainly focused on her ill mum rather than having the wedding of the yearBoth girls are also experiencing troubles with their grooms to be Ben Diana s fiance isn t as excited about the wedding as she is and the same can be said for Ian Kate s fiance See Chrissie resisted the urge to have Kate marry a Will and Diana marry a Charles despite how fantastic I would have found it The third person the book focuses on is Melanie who owns the wedding dress shop Bride on Time where both Diana and Kate get their dresses from She got married on the day Di and Charles got married and has always felt a kinship with Princess Di I thought Melanie s story was very interesting and it certainly helped to break up Kate s worry about her mum and Diana s full on Bridezilla mode I thought the entire book was fascinating and I was rushing through the pages as uickly as I could which surprised meOf our three main characters it was Kate whom I immediately warmed to She was such a lovely character and very much helped to offset the crazy that was Diana To have two such contrasting personalities was fascinating and I definitely preferred Kate Mainly because with the greatest of respect Diana was a total cow She acted as if the World should revolve around her and her alone she treated everybody around her as if they were her minions and the way she wanted to replicate Wills and Kate in every way drove me up the wall I truly wanted to smack her I m not kidding I seriously disliked her Yet for some reason I did actually love her chapters because the drama and full on Bridezilla amused me no end and I was dying to know what she d think of next to subject Ben to Much like Kate Melanie was a lovely character and I loved how dedicated she was to her job The men in the book didn t necessarily capture me I thought Ian was a bit lazy but I did like Ben despite what he did to be perfectly honest I could understand having to live with bloomin DianaKate s Wedding is very much a tongue in cheek novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it I finished it in 4 hours and I got fully immersed in the story Despite how nuts I thought Diana was she was also hugely entertaining and Kate s family troubles added some much needed normalcy to the novel It s a book that doesn t necessarily take itself seriously and it s one Manby fans will devour The book switches perspective regularly and is written in third person allowing us to get everyone s point of views on their respective nuptials It was the perfect way to spend my morningafternoon and I devoured each and every page Some readers may not be pleased with the fact it s a novel that s basically riding the coat tails of the Royal Wedding but I liked the backdrop it provided and I lapped up all the Royal stories and connections Manby is on tip top form here the ending in particular was uite hilarious and is definitely a book Manby fans and Royal Wedding fans will absolutely lap up I did

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Kate's Wedding

Born on the day of the 1981 Royal Wedding never doubted that one day she would find her prince Newly engaged and with daddy's credit card in her grasp she's in full Bridezilla mode Against the bac Absolutely fabulous There were tears

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Kdrop of the other couple getting married in April 2011 both women prepare for the most important day of their lives But will each bride get her perfect day Or will it all become a right royal fias Some nice light vacation reading

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    Funny fast paced and a a totally comical way of describing brides right before their weddings Loved it

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    Kate Williamson never thought the day would come when she would get married so when her boyfriend Ian proposes at the top of the Eiffel Tower she’s thrilled As she sets about planning her wedding family troubles mean that Kate’

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    Probably not my favourite book by Chrissie Manby but it was a really easy fun and cute read Even if some of the characters where portrayed as completely over the top stereotypes

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    I love Chrissie Manby books and Kate's wedding did not disappoint

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    Oh God I hated Diana so much from the start to the end of the book but other than that a lovely read

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    Absolutely fabulous There were tears

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    A fun chicklit read for anyone who is getting married or just loves everything weddings

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    Some nice light vacation reading

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    It’s been a while since I’ve read a Chrissie Manby book In fact the last time I picked up a Chrissie Manby book was when she was known as Chris Manby I don’t understand why I haven’t because she was the first adult book I read; Lizzie Jordan’s Secret Life I still remember the story vividly and racing through it when I should have been doing my Macbeth GCSE essay Then I got swept up in the royal wedding fever

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    Though a little dreary to begin with this story was typically Chris Manby entertaining Here are some of my favourite uotes