[PDF/EBOOK] Two Frontiers author Chris Pepple

  • Paperback
  • 260
  • Two Frontiers
  • Chris Pepple
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781530750917

3 thoughts on “Two Frontiers

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    I received this book after winning Pepple's Goodreads Giveaway yay meThis successful piece of historical fiction

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    Chris Pepple's Two Frontiers is rich in detail and has endearing characters in Elizabeth and Daniel Readers will feel like they've visited the early 1800s and made new friends

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    Loved it A must read if you love historical fiction

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Two Frontiers

Aniel’s reports from the front lines to produce an authentic feeling very readable dramatization of what living through the experience must have been like for both civilian and military participants dealing both with bullets and with rampant diseasesIt is a smoothly enjoyable book Historical Novel Society reviewEvery evening I sit in my rocking chair looking out over my farm near Nas.

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The Mexican American War 1846 48 forms the tense dramatic backdrop to Chris Pepple’s Two Frontiers in which Elizabeth Dodd and Daniel Howe must negotiate their love for each other while dealing with both the ordinary hardships of 19th century civilian life and the dangers attending General Winfield Scott’s campaigns across the borderPepple mixes straight historical narration with D.

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Hville I settled here as a compromise between the society of Massachusetts that brought my mother so much joy and the wildness of the frontier in Texas that my father loved so purely The rolling hills here remind me that hope rolls on forever The hope coveted by many but possessed by few kept both my mother and my father alive through many days that should have crushed their spirits ?.

About the Author: Chris Pepple

I am a poet a published author and a writing consultant living in Germantown Tenn I am also a writer at large for Southern Writers Magazine As a published author my works include Looking Seeing 2018 Without a Voice 2017 Two Frontiers 2016 Writing Your Faith Journey 2016 Look to See Me A Collection of Reflections 2006 and Reflections on Suffering Defining Our Crosses and Lett