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King money is with her luscious body Irresistible client Connor O'Driscoll has other plans for Jai. This is the seuel to Secrets of Sin a strange and wild book This book is just as weird but I guess I was burnt out by the first one because I couldn t finish this one This one starts with the hero and his best friend having a threesome with the heroine a prostitute She s new to the house and needs someone to teach her the ropes of being a whore To be honest I m not really sure why a threesome with a pair of paying customers is the best why to teach a prostitute but I ll go with it This scene was also in the first book although it plays out a little differently due to the different pov After the best friend leaves to win back his rightfully estranged wife the hero and the heroine continue banging for a while and the hero is super into her but has to leave to meet up with his bf While he s with him he learns that the heroine was actually a virgin so he runs back to rescue or somethingSo about the virginity thing The heroine had had a lover before but only once but apparently their banging didn t break her hymen Or something Idk this was around the time I stopped because it was too weird for me This is like the trope of I only ever had one lover one time but I m still an innocent angel taken to the absolute extreme She s banged but her hymen is still there for the hero to break Look if the heroine has had a lover before that s fine but don t jump through hoops trying to claim that she s still a virgin and pure for our hero when she isn t She s had a life before him and that s fine there doesn t need to be any justification about why she s still good enough for him I d rather talk about the hero s weird sex life than the heroine s unfortunately there was far less homoeroticism in this book than the previous one I wonder if people complained to the author about itBoth have some sort of mysterious past going on but I didn t really get far enough for that I liked the first book better it was weird but enjoyable enough to read This one was eyeroll inducing and lacked the weird things that made the first compelling enough to finish However I would give this entire series a pass

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In Deep by Chloe Harris

1745 Betrayed kidnapped and stranded in the Caribbean Jaidyn Donelly realizes her only hope for ma. The sex scenes were not as arousing as other erotic books The plot was incomplete with several unanswered uestionsREVIEWER S OPINIONThere is a lot of sex with all the expected ingredients but it was missing emotional pull The characters felt cardboard I wasn t pulled into their feelings Before she met Connor Jaidyn had sex one time When she has sex with Connor for the first time she is surprised at her feelings Each time they have sex he does something new she is surprised and then she has her climax That s the way it went throughout the book From his side he does A Next time he does B Next time he does C He thinks she s the perfect once in a lifetime mate for him because he gets such a high from doing all these things to her It made me wonder if it really works that way for guys He spends all this time tying her up and pleasuring her in so many different ways And then at the end he takes a uick turn for his own finish Is it really that great of a thing for him I don t mean to sound negative but that s the state of my mind coming out of this book As a comparison I think of Lisa Marie Rice In her books her guys are so turned on they need to be hosed down She s great at showing the guy s emotions Rice s guy is so crazy with lust he can t wait to walk two steps to the bedSex scenes in this book include m nage a trois MWM spanking whipping sex toys bondage rear door activities and one short partial scene of two men togetherAs to the plot there were too many unanswered uestions I wanted details and motives of Connor s crime in Georgetown What did Gabby initially say why did she change her mind and what did she confess at the end I wanted story about Talbott in the past and currently Why is Kier so cold and distant What hurt him See Spoiler below for another uestion The surprise at the end was too convenient coincidental and contrived I like happy endings but this felt thrown in I wanted to see the logic behind it happeningSTORY BRIEFJaidyn came from a well to do family in Ireland For reasons to be discovered later she is stranded in Granada with no money She needs to get to Georgetown in the Colonies She plans to be a prostitute until she has enough money to pay for passage on a ship Her first client is Connor He is captain of a ship He offers to take her to the Colonies in return for her being his mistress on the journey She agrees They have lots of sex on the way Connor is wanted for a crime in Georgetown He will be hanged if he is caught thereDATAStory length 264 pages Swearing language moderate including religious swear words Sexual language strongerotic Number of sex scenes 10 Estimated number of sex scene pages 177 Setting 1700s or 1800s in Granada Georgetown S Carolina and the sea Copyright 2010 Genre erotic historical high seas romance CAUTION SPOILERI never understood why Jaidyn s father married her by proxy and why the other person agreed to it What were the intentions and motives

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Dyn though offering her passage to the Carolinas in exchange for a voyage filled with delicious si. Didn t grab me not sure why

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    The sex scenes were not as arousing as other erotic books The plot was incomplete with several unanswered uestionsREVIEWER’S OPINIO

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    This is the seuel to Secrets of Sin a strange and wild book This book is just as weird but I guess I was burnt out by the first one because I couldn't finish this one This one starts with the hero and his best fri

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    Didn't grab me not sure why

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    Truly a fascinating novel

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    Well this has lots and lots of steamy sex Not a bad plot for sure I liked it

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    Too much SM

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