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S the importance of obedience as well as initiating her into the pleasure only an experienced disciplinarian can giveSprung by Deva ShoreSheila and her friends are enjoying a very naughty sleep over while her brother is secretly spying on their lesbian games But one of the girls Mary has rumbled his voyeuristic antics and decides a spanking with her ruler is in order to make sure he doesn’t try the same trick in future How will Mary react when he decides turna.

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Hot Spanking Stories Volume Four

Bout is fair playThe Governess by Izzy FrenchNo governess lasts very long in Monsieur Leveue’s house and none of them will talk about what happens to them there Angeliue expects to be dismissed as easily as the rest Instead her employer is determined to punish her for letting his sons talk at mealtimes and as his crop falls the relationship between them takes on a whole new complexionThese stories first appeared in Naughty Spanking Three published by Xcite Boo.

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Three buttock blushing stories that will whip up your excitement Miranda Forbes is a girl who knows a thing or two about spanking and she has selected the very best stories for youLearning her Lesson by Chloe DevlinLodging under Mr Jenkins’ roof means abiding by certain rules When Debbie stays out late at a party only to be caught trying to sneak back into the house she knows she’s broken two of those rules And Mr Jenkins is determined to make sure she learn.

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    Hot Spanking Stories Volume 4 is a three story anthology with a common subject of spankingThe first is Learning Her Lesson by Chloe Devlin A young woman is caught coming in her window after the hour she was expecte

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