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One man One socialite Let the battle begin Jack Trent Star of Survival Camp Extreme Ex soldier national treasure and all round delectable bad boy Evie Staverton Lynch Star of Miss Knightsbridge It girl fas.

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Man vs Socialite

Y it's hard to tell who's horrified Jack or Evie But they can't say no and one unexpectedly sizzling night under the stars later it's clear that the biggest battle will be keeping their hands off each othe.

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Hionista with a smile that can charm anyone When an ill advised comment from Evie about Jack's reality TV show goes viral the producers are fuming And when they propose a joint show to harness the publicit.

3 thoughts on “Man vs Socialite

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    I liked this one uite a bit It's kind of a Fat Guys In The Woods meets Paris Hilton Only there's to her The heroine is a reality show star who insulted the hero also a reality show star but his show is about taking couch potatoes on a survival course and hers is about being rich and famous She did it just poppin

  2. says:

    Evie bad mouthed Jack only to have it caught on video and gone viral In order to calm things down she has to go on his survival show and do scary survival things But they get to know each other and find out each other's secrets This was a fun storyThere were sexual situations

  3. says:

    I absolutely loved it The characters were so amazing I loved both Jack and Evie Loved the entire plot Loved everything

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