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Biblical Interpretation

The history of biblical interpretation sometimes called “Sacred Hermeneutics” is not a straight road From the allegorical methods of Pliny’s day to twentieth century historical grammatical method interpreters have not agreed on very much when it comes to how to ascertain meaning and determine application of the scriptures Currently in the world of Christendom churches are dealing with the effects of post modernism Individual interpretations dominate the scene If there are no absolutes no standard upon which to base one’s “truth” then the biblical meaning is up for grabs “My interpretation is as good as yours” so it goes Churches of Christ are not immune to the invasion of dangerous philosophical approaches to interpretation The application of command example and inference has in some uarters relegated to antiuated methodology Some ha.

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Llels Relying primarily on repeatedly reading the text the whole biblical book looking at it from a particular perspective each time we will attempt to exegete the text Having determined the meaning we are better euipped to apply certain hermeneutical guidelines to the text's principles commands examples and inferences In so doing the biblical student can best determine what is right and how the text impacts his life todayBiblical interpretation is a very important scienceart If indeed the Bible constitutes God's one written revelation to all mankind and this book accepts that premise any interpreter must proceed humbly and with caution Yes we can determine the meaning of the text Yes we must attempt to modernize the applications However in all we do we need to be poor in spirit and loving toward those with whom we disagree in exegesis or hermeneuti.

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Ve said that such an approach has led us to improper conclusions as to what is true and encouraged us to disfellowship those with whom we disagree in interpretation Abuse of this hermeneutic has indeed rendered illogical conclusions and interpretations but properly used this hermeneutic can benefit our attempts to live godly lives today To employ this hermeneutic to determine right from wrong correct versus incorrect pleasing versus displeasing to God is helpful To abuse might lay heavy burdens on others that the Lord did not intend There is a difference between determining what is right and wrong and what determines fellowship with God and fellow ChristiansIn this book we will investigate both the exegetical and the hermeneutical processes Exegesis determines what the text meant to the author and hermeneutics helps apply the text to modern day para.

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