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Egins all over againWherever she goes Frank lurks and the life Samantha has struggled to build comes dangerously close to unravelling She is implicated in the dismissal of a colleague One of her beloved students dies Samantha discovers her son might not be the perfect child she has been so proud of A.

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Some Reason in Madness

Fifteen years after helping to send rapist Frank Ventresca to prison guidance counsellor Samantha uinlan has a nearly perfect life a job she loves a boyfriend she loves and a son she loves even But when Frank turns up again still obsessing still delusional and still dangerous Samantha’s nightmare b.

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Nd a romantic getaway with her fiancé a prominent Boston surgeon ends in violence As Samantha struggles to cope with each new crisis she begins to wonder Are the events connectedAs the knot of menace tightens around her Samantha realizes that madness often wears a disguise From the Hardcover edition.

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