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Honey can also be used to give you an energ boost Want to know whether you can still eat honey whilst pregnant or breastfeeding Find out right here inlcuding how to use honey to alleviate pregnancy symptoms including nausea and heartbur

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34 Uses for Honey

Do you suffer from arthritis stomach ulcers or bad digestion Do you have trouble sleeping or are you worried about hair loss Find out how honey can help to alleviate symptoms for some of the most commonly occurring health complaints Disc

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Over how to add honey to your diet and which honey is best to use for health purposesNeed a moisturiser to alleviate dry skin or to condition hair Discover how to create you own homemade remedies to solve these common complaints and much

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    InformativeInteresting information about the properties of honey and the therapeutic value of Manuka honey Goes over which health problems tha

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    Free Kindle ebook Interesting info on honey and some ways to use it