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    Pretty goodFuture football star and a normal girl Jude is kind of the bad boy of private school football and Aria is just a nice girl who is busting her butt working at that private school to care for her ailing father These two shou

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    Five perfect stars for Aria and Jude🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Carrie Aarons is the new author to me and The Second Coming is her first book I've read

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    25 a little bit disappointed starsI love soccerfootball and most books related to sports in some way and I wish I would have loved this one but I didn´t I´m in between ok and liked it

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    Jude Davies has been playing soccer for the Rogue Academy for as long as he can remember always destined to become famous Now that he’s 20 ye

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    4 StarsThe Second Coming was the perfect mix of angst steam and drama Loved the characters and their portrayal The Rogue Football Academy hooked me from the very first pageJude Davies is a football legend in the making It’s no surprise he’s the academy’s golden boy He’s charming and reckless and when he and his friends get together there’s no doubt they’ll make trouble wherever they go But things change when

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    GAH I absolutely loved this story It was highly entertaining with the perfect mix of steam angst and drama The characters were well portrayed with enjoyable dialogue The writing was top notch and engaging I was hooked from the very first page lost in the world of the Rogue Football AcademyThe Second Coming follows the story of Jude Davies who is a football legend in the making He is the academy's golden boy who is sexy

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    35 stars for meit was a lovely safe sweet cute read I really enjoyed it Definitely I will read Kingston and Poppy's story

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    The cocky soccer player met his match and I was all for it Jude was an up and coming star ridiculously cocky and never to

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    4 12 stars rounded upI needed a good sports romance to start my summer off right so I was pleased to find Carrie Aarons wa

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    This was a uick sports romance that delivered on the chemistry and romance I have previously read Carrie Aarons before so I

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They call him the second coming Of honor for British football Of God in an athlete’s body Of every English woman’s fantasy Jude Davies is my country’s prodigy on the pitch More famous than the nobility in Buckingham Palace he and his merry band of scoundrels rule the Rogue Football Academy and the Lon. Five perfect stars for Aria and Jude Carrie Aarons is the new author to me and The Second Coming is her first book I ve read This book was really great I have to admit that is one of my favorite NA books this year and if you know me you know that I m obsessed with this genre So that tells you how good this book is I enjoyed in every page I ve read The storyline main characters everything was perfect Can I say that Jude is my new book boyfriend Jude seems like an arrogant football player who only wants enjoy in his privileged life but when he meets Aria everything change He becomes than a football player he becomes a man From the other side Aria is the strong girl who works that she could pay bills and help her father who has cancer Jude and Aria are so different but that makes them so perfect for each other Can t wait for the next book in the series and I hope it will be about Poppy and Kingston They will ruin my life than Aria and Jude In a good way Highly recommended

Free read The Second Coming Rogue Academy #1

The Second Coming Rogue Academy #1

Don nightlife scene alike And now he’s aiming his well honed set of skills directly at me His devilish charm is lethal but with the tragic hand life has dealt me distractions like him aren’t an option Plus we’re only playing a game One of convenience where he needs me to save his reputation and I need. Jude Davies has been playing soccer for the Rogue Academy for as long as he can remember always destined to become famous Now that he s 20 years old and already signed on to go to the pros Jude is practically set for life But Jude and his teammates always get themselves into trouble and Jude s bad behaviors are starting to catch up with him Aria has the world on her shoulders for only being 19 years old She works two jobs at the Rogue Academy seamstress and groundskeeper instead of attending college Aria never got the luxury of going to college since she is caring for her sick father with cancer alone supporting their family on her own She tries to stay under the radar but for some reason Aria catches the attention of the most elite member of the soccer team Jude Davies Jude and Aria are complete opposites and come from totally different worlds But Aria isn t like all the other girls Jude s dated she s a breath of fresh air But Jude s bad boy ways could cost him the only real thing he s ever had in his life The Second Coming by Carrie Aarons is book one in the Rogue Academy series Although this romance is classified as new adult set in college I found the characters in this story to be extremely immature If I hadn t been told their ages I would ve been convinced the Rogue Academy was a private high school I wanted to love this as a soccer romance sounded amazing but I couldn t connect with this one I m not a huge fan of overly cocky ass holes and Jude fit that to a tee for most of the book And the not like other girls trope is getting old for me and left me with a bad taste in my mouth Not sure if I ll continue with the series 255 stars

Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Carrie Aarons

His money to save the one person I love Until he wraps me around that immoral finger Until I crave that reckless wild high he provides Until I hope for a future that will never happen That’s the thing about going toe to toe with the next football legend He’s faster stronger and will destroy me every ti. 4 12 stars rounded upI needed a good sports romance to start my summer off right so I was pleased to find Carrie Aarons was giving us a NAAdult football soccer romance with The Second Coming The Rogue Football Academy houses the elite British footballers the boys and men of the league are meant for stardom on the pitch Jude is the talk of the town heralded as the second coming in football and swooned over in the London scene He s a cocky charmer that likes to push his luck but he s also a sweetheart and it was easy to fall in love with him as the hero Aria is our heroine a young woman with the world on her shoulders and the difficult role of caretaker for her ailing father She s not your typically football fan no swooning for her she sees the men as egotistical spoiled and in particular unaware of the world s difficulties Her arranged time with Jude is meant to help them both his reputation and her wallet both need padding but neither expects the bond that follows Once she relents and falls into my bed because let s face it that s how this is going to end I ll be instantly bored and abandon ever seeking her out again I loved that Jude was aware of his womanizing ways that he was even aware of how different he felt about Aria I only wish she had been open to him perceptive to the things he was doing that were so out of character I sometimes struggled with Aria she is so jaded and it really made things difficult for her so than she realized I honestly think that had Jude not been so persistent and had several secondary characters not intervened that this romance would ve never happened We are treated to a wild ride though Aria s personality and Jude s clash right away and yet the spark between them burns even when she is stand offish and he is a prat They not only share attraction but as they spend time together both for the arrangement and by choice they discover their similarities Jude isn t what Aria had thought he was and Aria she s the girl to make Jude realize it isn t all fun and games and bedding hot women Their relationship is good for them both and through out the lengthy The Second Coming we are treated to character growth and a couple with stronger bonds than your typical romance read Why did I try to trick my mind into thinking that this wouldn t be life changing That kissing Jude would be mediocre or okay at bestThe Second Coming may be a sports romance and it may have a hot footballer on the cover but inside the pages Carrie Aarons has weaved a tale filled with angst and tough love It s a story about growth self discovery and forgiveness It s the story of Jude and Aria and the arrangement that rolls the soccer ball in a new direction I can t wait to see what Carrie Aarons has in store for us with the Rogue Academy series The Second Coming was a solid introduction to the boys and was such a good read for me ARC provided