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Assignment Single Father

Emotionally wounded stressed out single father who couldn't submit to his love for her in returnShe could still accept a job with one of Xavier's wealthy patients After all where could her rela.

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Tionship with Xavier go Nevertheless she was compelled to stay and find out Double Destiny One woman Two chances If you enjoyed the film Sliding Doors you'll love this duo from Caroline Anderson.

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The right man for FranWorking as a practice nurse for Dr Xavier Giraud's surgery and caring for his children had seemed perfect for Fran after the traumas of AE Except she fell in love with this.

About the Author: Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson's first romance novel was published in 1991 by Mills & Boon and she specializes in medical romances Her most long and popular series is The Audley Memorial Hospital where romance is the best medicine of all In 2002 she published the original Double Destiny Duology where Fran Williams lives two different lifes and loves Now she has created a new successful series Yoxbur

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    La historia empezó bien luego se torno lenta y aburrida por momentos muy dramática y por otros muy melosa

  2. says:

    Xavier es lindo y todo Pero me uedo con Josh

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