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Ind her she could dieNot on my watchInstinctively and directed only by a photograph Trey knows he is the only one who can help her Maybe he can finally claim his legacy But why is he suddenly so sure Rebecca is a part of. Category length books don t always do it for me because they sometimes lack character depth This absolutely isn t the case with Carson s latest Special Edition I must admit to liking the hero Trey than the heroine Then again I m a Texan and can rarely resist a Texas born hero His backstory and internal conflict were uniue and 100% compelling for me Carson was able to use several romance tropes virgin heroine former athlete hero cowboy hero being stranded and a sort of amnesia to excellent results I will absolutely put Carson on my TBA to buy again list


A Texas Rescue Christmas Texas Rescue #2

Home for ChristmasTrey Waterston has been on the outside looking in for so long he nearly forgot where home is But when he has to go back to the ranch that is his Texas birthright he expects it to be as difficult to navig. 5 ROMANCE STARS Most excellentTrey Waterston is a former football player who is suffering from brain damage He is so ashamed of his disability that he isolates himself from his family and friends He moves to a completely different state and starts his own business in order to have his own life where no one can pity him or remember how he was beforeHe s spent 10 years that wayNow he is forced back to the ranch that he owns 13 of the ranch in Texas that he grew up on in order to attend his brother s wedding He s upset and afraid to go back and see family that he might not even recognize due to his brain damage But he sucks it up and figures he ll cope the best that he canRebecca Cargill is 24 but has never really lived Sheltered and used as a pawn by her mother a rich woman who courts and marries men for their money and has been married 6 times Rebecca has no money or independence of her own She s not even allowed to pick out her own clothing her mother s tried to keep her as youthful as possible for as long as possible even though Rebecca s 24 her mother constantly tells people that she s 18But since her mother has gotten older and older she doesn t hold the allure to men that she once did And so she makes arrangements to pimp out her daughter Yes the time has come to sell her daughter s virginity to the highest bidder who in this case is a rich much older man and one of her mother s lovers named HectorIn a panic about being forced to go to bed with a man she doesn t like Rebecca does the most courageous thing she s ever done and flees her mother s house going to attend her step sister s wedding the same wedding Trey is attending But in order to get to the wedding Rebecca used her credit card to purchase a plane ticket and when her mother calls her to tell her that she s coming after her Rebecca flees the ranch in a panic Worried about her safety in the frigid winter temperatures Trey heads out after herWow This book was so sweet and cute and gripping It was a very enjoyable romance I have to slog through 50 horrible romance novels before stumbling on one that I truly enjoy and this is one of themWe ve got the inevitable showdown of Rebecca Trey vs her mom to look forward to A brain damaged hero who thinks he s unworthy of being in a long term relationshipA sheltered woman making her first forays into the real worldWarm up naked in a sleeping bag to save someone from hypothermia trope One of my favorite tropes personallyThis is the first romance book I ve seen that deals with an actual brain damaged hero and I really loved it I like when either the hero or heroine has an actual problem and not a stupid unrealistic problem like No one really loves me because I m too rich or somethingI loved how everything was handled Carson masterfully weaves Trey s brain damage and its resulting shame and fear into everything he does Rebecca s unfortunate upbringing is also coloring her life in a very negative way When she starts falling in love with Trey she goes through a crisis thinking that it is for the wrong reasons and that she s just like her mom using a man for comfort and security and because of being afraid of being alone instead of experiencing real loveTrey is a cowboy and a rancher I have NO IDEA why Harleuin is SO OBSESSED with this type of man I must have read 10 cowboy romances in the last week There are other types of men in America Harleuin Everything doesn t have to be about cowboys and take place in Texas rolls eyes However if that is my biggest complaint about a book then it is pretty damn goodIt was also fun to read a Christmas themed book and get in the spirit of things Tons of cute sweet romantic things happen in this book Is it cliched Of course Is it silly rolls eyes Did you miss the part where I told you it was a romance book Listen I don t read romance books looking for great literature I want to be entertained I want characters that I care about and worry for I want to go awwwwwwww a lot I want some good kissing and sex and I want to be charmed This book succeeds on all counts A amazing romance 5 romance starsThis is also a romance book that sticks in my mind because it is one of the few I ve ever read with a disabled heroHarleuin Special Edition December 2014

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Ate as everything else in his life He does not expect to find a halfhearted search afoot for a missing heiress Beautiful and innocent Rebecca Cargill has disappeared and nightfall and a snowstorm is coming If they don't f. Carson s return to the Texas Rescue series is a heartbreaker Her innocent heroine and afflicted hero are both survivors but have huge obstacles to conuer The treatment of both the heroine s insecurities and the hero s malady is awesome RT Book Reviews 4 12 starsMiniseries Texas Rescue

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    5 ROMANCE STARS Most excellentTrey Waterston is a former football player who is suffering from brain damage He i

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    I would never have read this without the high praise from Carmen and it's times like these that I am so happy that Goodreads is a th

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    Well written as Carson's books always are but the core pairing made me really uncomfortable view spoilerThe hero has brain damage from his ea

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    Carson’s return to the Texas Rescue series is a heartbreaker Her innocent heroine and afflicted hero are both survivors

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    I loved this book Trey is part owner of the James Hill Ranch but hasn't been home in ten years After a promising college football career ended with him flunking out of school he has spent his time working out of state and trying to hide what is happening to him After one too many blows during football games Trey suffers from memory problems ones that make him feel stupid and useless When he receives an invit

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    Trey Winter is a most unusual type of romantic hero Okay physically he fits the standard He’s 6’ 4” or thereabouts Tall broad and muscular he worked on a range in his youth and was a football player However

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    An intense emotional sexy cabin romance perfect for the holiday season Caro Carson's A Texas Rescue Christmas is a classic love story of two b

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    Category length books don’t always do it for me because they sometimes lack character depth This absolutely is

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    A Texas Rescue Christmas Texas Rescue series Book 2 by Caro Carson is a uick and classic romantic book In it we meet Becky Rebecca Cargill an

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    My heart broke for the Trey character We're only just hearing about the extent of the neurological conditions that can result from contact sports like boxing football and hockey After three seasons with the Balt