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She had her reasonsCharity Winnifred Bradford wasn't the type to do anything crazy or impulsive And if she did want to do something outrageous like run off to Tennessee and blow all.

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Within Reason

Her money on a horse she figured that we her business It certainly wasn't Adam Stiles's She and Adam had grown up together in Millbrook Vermont But that didn't give him the right t.

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O come running after her and sticking his nose where it didn't belong Char knew that Adam didn't even particularly like her So why was he acting all concernedas though he were in love.

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    Within Reason is the second book in the Mill Brook Trilogy It took me a few chapters to really get interested in the book but the wait was well worth it The characters developed into warm caring individuals trying to reach for the future while dealing with feelings of failure and inadeuacy of their past Definitely recommend Within

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    I loved the continuing story of Mill BrookHaving brought my kids up in NHit was fun hearing allThe things I'd lo edwhile living thereEnjoyed the plot and the charactersand can't wait to read the next in the trilogyI would recommend these books to anypneCarla Neggers is a great author

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    Charity Bradford Divorcee smart level headed and dearly loved by her best friend beth and Daughter Emily As a Lawyer who was known for being the best in the court room and respected by her clients why would she drop everyth