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Rmed and a panel comes together to debate the facts and importance of Aymes’s life Through Rux’s vivid imagery and meticulous research his crackling dialogue and poetically constructed debate we become participants at the conference and listen very closely achingly as Rux scrutinizes the way we record history skewers our reverence toward celebrity and academic authority and dismantles our confidence in our own memory

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Talk Author Carl Hancock Rux

Carl Hancock Rux is full of promise and virtuosity a gifted poet who offers up vibrant imagery like a street corner preacher in the midst of a nervous breakdown New York TimesTalk is the most intellectually ambitious play in years It wins the case for a renewed theatre of ideas Time OutMr Rux has a fertile imagination and exceptional talent Wall Street JournalA dazzling play Mr Rux’s ideas have the urgency and passi

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On of actions He draws on satire rhetoric naturalism the kind that Strindberg said ‘seeks out the points where great battles take place’ and poetry Margo Jefferson New York TimesIn the age of McCarthy and the Beat poets a controversial African American artist Archer Aymes became an overnight sensation for his first book Mother and Son ten years later he was found dead in a prison cell Decades later a conference is fo

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    35 stars; rounding up for the sheer density of ideasFor the most part a lush dizzying work that effortlessly blends intellectualism with sensuality keeping the audience off kilter intellectually and emotionally throughout

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