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Struggle to keep their footing in their relationships with their friends spouses and children not to mention their help Full of surprising sometimes shocking insights and brimming with outrage and compassion Spoiled is a remarkable collection from a boldly talented writ. I m looking forward to rereading this in 1 3 years time

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Spoiled Stories

BONUS This edition contains a Spoiled discussion guideA young woman does a good deed for her nanny only to have it go horribly wrong A newly married woman struggles to gain the upper hand with her self assured cleaning woman An anxious woman desperate for an authentic e. I liked these than I expected to but then I am a sucker for stories of how the priviledged live Macy is like a harder edged Curtis Sittenfeld instead of identifying with the slightly less privileged heroines of these stories one feels their unpleasantness their envy theirreality So in a way the sympathy is blushing and real And yes I guess I did partially both identify with and despise those unhappy hypercritical girlfriends been there done that so glad I m no longer one of them Two stories are brilliant gems Christie and Eden s Gate Worth the price of admission Christie really sends up the snobbery of the not uite entirely privileged but intellectually snobby and Eden s Gate told from the point of view of the privileged and rather guileless boyfriend is brilliant and chilling in its portrayal of someone who will stop at nothing to get ahead and yet is still loved by said boyfriend Her stories about kids don t work though her stories of mothersbabysitters having to deal with kids do She s talented and the stories dragged me in and made me finish them without pause even the not so great ones I guess this counts as a recommendation

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Xperience makes a rash decision to leave the grounds of her Moroccan luxury hotel In this sophisticated and provocative story collection acclaimed author Caitlin Macy turns her unsparing eye on well heeled thirtysomething women who despite their education and affluence. I started this book thinking it would be something kind of bubble gummy but it actually wasn t at all The protagonists of each story are for the most part well educated women some who are independently wealthy and others striving to be Based on the title of the book I expected an indictment of the lifestyles of the rich and that element did exist but Macy proves herself a clever writer The true indictments have nothing to do with socio economic class as they do with mindset as evinced through the thoughts and expectations of the characters Interestingly I related to many of the thoughts and expectations of the characters I m sure it was Macy s intention that most readers would relate For a moment as a reader I felt the writer s finger pointing at me I appreciate that

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    I liked these than I expected to but then I am a sucker for stories of how the priviledged live Macy is like a ha

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    Fans of haute Manhattan will appreciate the setting of the stories Macy is an astute social observer but observant details do not a short story make The characters never reach self actualizationrealizationreflection and the reader remains ultim

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    You know I don't demand that protagonists be likable but it does make a book easier to read when someone anyone in the book isn't totally unpleasant Technically well written short stories but I ended up thinking what's the

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    Spoiled chronicles the self consciousness of the liberal elite as they are labeled in the media these days educated politically correct upper middle class individuals most in their late twenties to mid thirties but one a teenager who know better than to dismiss those who don't have what they do Embarrassed by their privileges they're uneasy about having gotten what they wanted whether it be a wealthy husband a horse an enviable home an ac

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    This well written collection of short stories about the rich mostly women and mostly those born in the '70's is similar to the work done by John Cheever John Updike and Richard Yates Revolutionary Road 40 or 50 years ago It pokes fun and not so fun at the rich and privileged whose emphasis is on the good life boarding schools nann

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    I started this book thinking it would be something kind of bubble gummy but it actually wasn't at all The prota

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    Some good some not I skipped some stories entirely when the first page did not catch my interestbut then I guess that's the beauty in

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    Ugh I just can't do it I read two stories Christie and Spoiled and was ready to put the book downas in a slow painless death Then I read the reviews on Goodreads which were predominately positive and thought I'd give another story a chance so I read Annabel's Mother Still can't do this book The topics seem so shallow the situations so canned and the writing mediocre

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    I'm looking forward to rereading this in 1 3 years' time

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    I checked this book out because it got great reviews but I couldn't get into it I read the first two short stori