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Break the rich boys It’s tricky but doable Jerks like them don’t deserve to rule Burberry Prep No Tristan Zayd and Creed are going to pay and I plan to make an example of them Then there’s Zack the varsity football dck Oh and did I mention a prince just transferred to the academy Whatever will I do with those two Revenge Update Kindly refrain from swarming onto my review and accusing me of author cruelty or whatever I have written a critical review I m well within my rights to write a critical review and to write it however I want You ll note that I have NOT gone onto any of the short unjustified 5 star reviews and accused the writers of being mindless sheep telling them to change their opinions So if you do that to me uite frankly that makes you a troll and your comment will be deleted Back to Original Review So after the clusterfck which was FRB I was wary of starting the seuel For me to enjoy this book I needed to see Marnye toughen the hell up Spoiler alert she doesn t Not NEARLY to the extent necessary after what they did to her This book is also riddled with plot holes and inconsistenciesLet me start at the beginning in order Warning long list Marnye s father s behaviour is totally inexplicable He watched a video of his daughter s sexual moments saw her humiliated as boys waved her knickers around AND HE DOES NOTHING He doesn t contact the school and demand to know how they ll deal with it He doesn t ask her why these people are doing it He doesn t even force her to leave the school What kind of parent is he He also is in love with his ex wife who abandoned their three year old daughter at a petrol station Where any passing murderer could have picked her up A normal father would have taken her to court Charlie her father has less personality than a plant Marnye s attitude to Miranda infuriated me Marnye literally outed her leading to homophobic bullying Miranda had NEVER done anything to her And yet Marnye keeps trying to defend her actions barely apologises and keeps talking about how she won t trust Miranda I could not believe my eyes BITCH YOU RE THE ONE MIRANDA SHOULDN T TRUST And yet Marnye likes to pretend she s a firm ally of LGBT rights Yeah right On a similar note at one point Marnye has a really snotty mental dialogue where she says something like OMG I can t believe there are parents out there who don t accept their gay children My dad would never do that And that s partially her defence for why she so carelessly outed Miranda and Andrew How naive can you get Of course there are parents like that Andrew is literally engaged to a girl he didn t WANT to be out I m glad your dad is so accepting but can you stop pretending you re an ally if you don t recognise that other dads aren t like that The author giving scents to all the heroes was LAUGHABLE Genuinely risibly bad Windsor smells like DAFFODILS AND POLISH What polish Shoe polish Furniture polish Does he live in a Boots shop Do daffodils even have a smell What 16 year old boy smells like daffodils for the love of God It didn t stop there ANOTHER BOY SMELLS LIKE GERANIUMS The others are cloves sage citrus and fresh linen What the actual actual fck Marnye acts like a jealous girlfriend and it s pathetic All she does is go around asking the boys if they re with girls or getting sick when she sees them with girls And they re with girls constantly no shortage of OW here Obviously she s still a virgin The only virgin She hasn t hardened her heart enough she admits herself she s not the badass she s supposed to be I SIGNED UP TO READ A REAL REVENGE STORY I signed up to see Marnye annihilate them Her first revenge is pretty pathetic it impacts them in the wallet and we already know they re filthy rich After that she says she s thrown everything she has at them Um no dear You have not Nobody in this bloody school seems to have the tiniest bloody amount of curiosity in them They re like robots Marnye most of all She still doesn t ask how one gets into the Infinity Club who started it what precisely it does ANYTHING We barely know what it even is And she got told a YEAR ago that her dad had important news and she never uestioned it FOR A WHOLE YEAR PLOT HOLES PLOT HOLES GALORE She says the only time in her life she had tiramisu was when her dad worked two weekend jobs to bring her to an Italian restaurant Um okay Here in the UK you can get tiramisu for less than a fiver from Tesco Is tiramisu some kind of extreme luxury in the US Is it not available in a box from Walmart or wherever If it isn t fair enough But if you can buy some for under 10 from a supermarket then this whole thing is just a desperate ploy by the author to make us go OMG poor Maryne Look at those spoiled kids having tiramisu while she can t afford it This is like the harp thing In the last book we learn her dad worked two jobs just so she could afford harp lessons The harp is a bloody expensive instrument We re meant to believe she s that poor and he still kept up harp lessons over buying food SHE SAYS BREAD PUDDING IS A LUXURY FOR HER Similar where is all her money coming from She says she wouldn t use a cent of Tristan s And yet she keeps buying expensive clothes which she shouldn t be able to afford based on the fact her dad is working like 4 jobs to keep her in harp lessons and desserts How is Zayd allowed to walk around with tattoos lip rings facial piercings heavy makeup and blue hair Also remember he s 16 I went to a grammar school not even an independent school and we weren t even allowed to have hair dyed unnatural colours A girl in my year got a detention for having eyebrows she d accidentally tinted too dark How is the school letting him get away with this Marnye is still terminally stupid She s very wishy washy on her revenge she tries to comfort Tristan when she sees him sad HE WOULDN T DO THE SAME FOR YOU BITCH She makes an astoundingly stupid bet with Harper risking her father s medical care that she can get the boys to go to a gala with her 1 It s unoriginal That s what they did to her 2 It doesn t even hurt them It s painfully obvious none of them care about her the way she does them 3It involves her insinuating her way into their good graces again She says she misses them She tries to send them roses on Valentine s Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice I stop reading the story of a heroine who deserves whatever is coming to her She feels such chemistry with them God spare me She just falls back into friendship with them like nothing ever happened like I know it s for the bet but she really does want to become their friend again Also I can t believe they barely uestion her sudden friendliness Do they just think she s that forgiving She also spends WAY too much time persuading herself that they really did share something real with her last year FFS She still gets genuinely hurt when they re mean to her Like why are you still that vulnerable Just accept they don t like you Don t care about you Also Tristan is totally in love with Lizzie Speaking of Lizzie she s supposedly good friends with Maryne That s told not shown we never even get to see a conversation between Marnye and Lizzie How are they even friends Why We don t see them interact at all we re just told about it Makes it sound extraordinarily fake You know what else is fake Marnye s personality She has zero zilch nada personality What the fck are her hobbies and interests It isn t enough to TELL US she s a history buff Stunich needs to SHOW US We never see Marnye pick up a history book or researching history or even talking about it All she does is one single time she mentions a historical fact at a very ill timed place and it made no sense In so many ways she feels inorganic Warning here is a slightly pedantic paragraph about everything wrong with Windsor s character So a little bit about me I m sort of an amateur expert on the British aristocracy and royal family I ve spent the last 6 years researching their history customs family trees etc Weird hobby for a teenager I know I am serious about it though Like other authors including Giana Darling have actually reached out to me to ask me for advice on portraying British peers If the author had used a fictionalised version of the British royal family for her book I d have been forced to accept her errors But she didn t She mentions William and Kate and Meghan and Harry so we KNOW this is set within the real life royal family Which makes my criticisms fair game The first words he utters are Bloody hell OH MY GOD Can you be any cliched and stereotyped and hackneyed And can I get any repetitive in my adjectives here This is like having an Australian s first words be G day mate The royal family s SURNAME is Windsor Why did she make his first name Windsor She conflates the aristocratic family of the Duke of Westminster with the royal family THEY RE TWO SEPARATE FAMILIES Make up a title if you have to but don t use real life ones that belong to another family The real Dukes of Westminster ARE billionaires but the royal family is not It s actually a pretty big point that the ueen is by no means the richest aristocrat in the country You just can t make a random junior prince OWN NINE BILLION POUNDS I know this is fiction but you can t throw the rules of reality out of the window or you re throwing a reader s enjoyment right out with it No British prince is going to be at an American boarding school You can t say he gets kicked out whenever he s finished seducing all the girls At Eton where he s supposed to be there ARE no girls In fact most top schools here are single sex nearly all the grammar schools and all the best public schools too The most scandalous thing to happen to the royal family are things like Harry wearing a Nazi uniform in Vegas or wherever 10 years ago no random prince would get into as much trouble as Windsor York does Discretion is actually drummed into them In fact the royals are a fairly boring bunch They have to be they aren t glitzy American celebrity heirs Why does Windsor say things like you Americans with your Halloween and Valentines traditions Does Stunich realise those events also exist in the UK I cannot imagine a prince saying bloke Or love Yes they re British words but I ve NEVER actually heard anyone use the former and whenever I hear it love is usually used sarcastically It s not a very upper class thing MINOR ISSUES as if this review wasn t long enough BITCH WE GET IT YOUR HAIR IS ROSE GOLD Her hair wasn t mentioned a SINGLE time without the colour being described too This happened in the last book actually but imply and infer were used the wrong way round Does my head in In many ways the author keeps shoving her own opinions into Marnye s mouth She s gotten this complaint with other books she s written before too so it s not just me I mean Marnye goes off into rants about things like copyright law or LGBT rights These are great issues but they feel shoehorned into the book sometimes The copyright thing especially very few people have such strong opinions about such things and Marnye never seemed like the kind of person who would For God s sake we never even see her read a book I m actually unsure as to what she spends most of her time doing THE END Gad this must be the longest review I ve ever writtenBlog Bookstagram

READ Bad Bad Bluebloods Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #2

Bad Bad Bluebloods Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #2

P something at the academy She says she’ll meet our challenge dead on; we’ll make sure she regrets that 376 PAGES IN PAPERBACK BAD BAD BLUEBLOODS is a 94000 word reverse haremdark high school bully romance novel This is book two of four in the series Contains foul language and sexual situations; any sex featured is consensu So I can understand that all the guys are hot but can she just freaking pick one and and stop kissing and making out with all of themSo Marnye is back from her summer break with the plans and armour to exact her revenge on the idols and blue bloods that made her life miserable in the first year We also have a prince


Is wicked sweet; I can’t wait for a taste Defend ourselves against the charity case We’re the Idols of the school the kings of the campus Marnye Elizabeth Reed That girl is nothing like the ones we’re used to We just can’t decide if we hate her or love her She might come from nothing but she sure is determined to stir u FUCK YES I m SO happy with this read Book 1 was a dark horse coming out of the gate to surprise me with its dark writing magic and this one is continuing the winning streak I was worried but the author came through for me It s so rare that I feel like that these daysCM Stunich is going strong with this narrative I m totally on board It has all the fun and sensuality of a edgy dark tale of bullying and revenge without crossing over into that line where it s like there s no way in hell that s forgivable The progression is delightfully paced and we re keeping things interesting the whole way throughI also am completely digging the addition of Windsor to the group and I like the direction that the author is taking with Zack Marnye s relationship with him is realistic and complex and I like it We re still seeing things be relatively slow burn with the development of attraction and feelings and there s a good complexity to everything that s just wonderful Marnye remains a great heroine She s not a saint but she has standards and complexity and I like it Despite all the ways everything could ve gone terrible for her character she s standing tall Overall I m just really really impressed that the author has the sense to write this sort of story without veering a hard left off the narrow path into the abyss So many authors have tried to write a story like this and it s sunk to a place where it can never crawl out of for the sake of shock horror and drama As bad as the characters are the motivations and actions are complex enough that it s in the grey than the black so I don t feel disgusted by what s happening The story also isn t unnecessarily crass or soul sucking there s enough goodness to counteract the worst moments It also doesn t have the same level of disbelief that a lot of other stories in this vein try to push you can see a rich private academy behave like this and do these sorts of things I m absolutely pumped for book 3 On the author s facebook she mentioned it being a strong possibility that it ll be done and released before the end of April and if she can release it that fast I ll be stoked but I ll still be here even if it s released in May or June

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    Update Kindly refrain from swarming onto my review and accusing me of 'author cruelty' or whatever I have written a critical review I'm well within my rights to write a critical review and to write it however I want You'll note that I have NOT gone onto any of the short unjustified 5 star reviews and accused the writers of being mindless sh

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    So after digging around on social media found on insta the book is realised on 15th of April Thank me later 😉

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    HookedThis second installment is a huge improvement from the first; I’m glad I stuck with it Having read CM Stunich before I had an idea that the storyline would pick up after the first book If you were concerned about

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    Revenge ✔Sexual tension ✔Desperately seeking for the next book ✔✔✔ Bad Bad Blue Bloods was so freaking good I couldn't put this book down once I started it I love all these characters especially the ones I hate God the blue bloods in this school are out for blood Maryne's blood to be exact but she's not going back to school weak and naive She has her own revenge plan Having a list plan and people t

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    It just gets better and better Can't wait to find out what happens next If you like Stepbrother Erotica and other Taboo books join my groupSTEPBROTHER EROTICA MORE

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    FUCK YES I'm SO happy with this read Book #1 was a dark horse coming out of the gate to surprise me with its dark writing magic and this one is continuing the winning streak I was worried but the author came through for me

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    Tristan Zayd Creed Zack and Windsor “We couldn’t agree on who should come over and talk to you” Tristan begins glancing back at the other four “So unfortunately we all fucking showed up”Marnye came back full force There's so

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    OKI waited long enough to write this Two weeks to be exact I needed this time to formulate words to express my utter dislike of this second book of a OTT bully seriesLord knows I tried I wanted to suck up and enjoy the revenge plot I wanted to revel in how the heroine was going to get back at these friggin idiots for treating her so horribl

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    So I can understand that all the guys are hot but can she just freaking pick one and and stop kissing and making out with all of the

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    Confession I’m probably lenient on the heroine due to the fact that I only read the prologue 4 pages of the first chapter and about 4 pages of the last chapter in book 1 It was immediately clear in the first few pages of the first chapter that this was NOT going to be a heroine I liked Then in the few pages of the last chapter I saw how absolutely horribly they treated the heroine Ultimately I knew she would be an idio

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