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    DopeWhat I liked is that the details were concise with just enough explanation on how and why spider and starfish organization exist Why starfishing your organization can lead to great gains financially and in ideology giving the people the power to move with freedom

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    Worth the read to get the concept Enjoyed it this was worth the read to gain a perspective on this awesome idea I am currently involved in an organization that is Decentralized and it has been enjoy a large growth

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This work offers a summary of the book “THE STARFISH AND THE SPIDER The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations” by Ori Brafman and Rod BeckstromOri Brafman is a lifelong entrepreneur with a wireless start up a courtroom technology company a health food advocacy group and a network of CEOs working on public benefit projects to his credit Rod Beckstrom is also a serial start up entrepreneurIn the natural world if you.

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Summary Author BusinessNews Publishing

Erging which are structured like “starfish” – they are leaderless organizations without a rigid hierarchy or other trappings of conventional business In The Starfish and the Spider Brafman and Beckstrom learn how to incorporate some starfish principles into your business mind set to achieve successThe Starfish and the Spider is a provocative and delightful book for businesspeople It changes the face of the business worl.

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Cut off a spider’s head it will die A starfish is different though If you cut off one of its legs not only will the starfish grow another leg but that leg will also grow into a completely new starfishThe same phenomenon is now starting to emerge in business Most companies have historically tended to be “spiders” – they have rigid hierarchies and a well defined corporate structure A few noteworthy companies are now em.