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The short story has been the genre of choice for writers of literary fiction in modern Korea and it continues to thrive in the new millennium Waxen Wings The Acta Koreana Anthology of Short Fiction from Korea offers a diverse sampling from a century of modern Korean short fiction beginning with.

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Waxen Wings

Stories from two early masters Yi Hyos k and Ch'ae Manshik and ending with works by four of the most imaginative contemporary writers Kim Y ngha Ha S ngnan P'y n Hyey ng and Kim Chunghy k In between are the two writers who are primarily responsible for the visibility enjoyed by Korean women fi.

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Ction writers today O Ch ngh i and Pak Wans and a writer Kim W nil who has made it his lifework to address the territorial and spiritual division of the Korean peninsula The title of the anthology from Ha S ngnan's 1999 story suggests the transcendental ualities of the finest Korean short ficti.

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    An incredibly accessible collection of South Korean short stories for the western reader The wonderful prefacing done by Bruce Fulton prior to each work helps the reader contextualize what they are about to read The works themselves are fantastic as well with Kim Won Il's Prisoner of Heart being a standout in my opinion It has been a while since I've had difficulty tearing myself away from a work like this t

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    Hiukan epätasainen ja siis vaikeasti arvioitava novellikokoelma jossa itseäni kiinnosti eniten taustoja valaiseva esipuhe sekä pienet kirjailijaesittelyt jokaisen novellin alussa Teos on läpileikkaus korealaiseen moderniin lyhytproosaan ja siihen on koottu tekstejä kahdeksalta eri kirjailijalta Läpileikkaus on myös ajallinen koska kaksi kirjoittajista eli ja kuoli jo ennen maan jakamista kaksi heistä on syntynyt 40 luvu