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The first and only guide to one of today's most important new cryptography algorithms The Twofish Encryption Algorithm A symmetric block cipher that accepts keys of any length up to 256 bits Twofish is among the new encryption algorithms being considered by the National Institute of Science and Technology NIST as a replacement for the DES algorithm Highly secure and flexible Twofish works extremely well with large microprocessors 8 bit smart card

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The Twofish Encryption Algorithm A 128 Bit Block Cipher

Microprocessors and dedicated hardware Now from the team who developed Twofish this book provides you with your first detailed look at All aspects of Twofish's design and anatomy Twofish performance and testing results Step by step instructions on how to use it in your systems Complete source code in C for implementing TwofishOn the companion Web site you'll find A direct link to Counterpane Systems for updates on Twofish A link to the National In

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Stitute of Science and Technology NIST for ongoing information about the competing technologies being considered for the Advanced Encryption Standard AES for the next millenniumFor updates on Twofish and the AES process visit these sites wwwwileycomcompbooksschneier wwwcounterpanecom wwwnistgovaesWiley Computer Publishing TimelyPracticalReliable Visit our Web site at wwwwileycomcompbooks Visit the companion Web site at wwwwileycomcompbooksschneier

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    By Darren Chaker you're into data security encryption counter forensics andor privacy in general encryption God Bruce Schneier explains about Two Fish Algorithm in detail The book also goes into a detailed analysis of other encryption methods and general background about the development of Two Fish Two Fish is used in multiple products and

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    I'm not sure why the NIST AES submission in which Twofish was specified needed be printed as a 40 book I got it for free but that doesn't keep me from voting wtf with two starsThat having been said Twofish was pret

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    block cipher at its best

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