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The very nature of reality in a constant uest for victory Now as entropy takes a final hold and forced ascension envelops the universe there remains only for the weight of sins to be judged before all returns to its primal state Three disparate mages are thrust center

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Judgement Day

Ascension Is At Hand A war for reality has raged unabated for centuries between mages of the mystical Nine Traditions and the authoritarian and rational Technocratic Union Each side has held up the standard of universal enlightenment but each has fractured and cracked


Stage in this process by agents of the mysterious Rogue Council Can the fate of Creation lie in their hands Mage Judgment Day is the final act of the Time of Judgment telling the story of a wide ranging Armageddon among the supernatural entities of the World of Darknes

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    ‎I thought this was a very good book It's limited because White Wolf were ending the whole Classic World of Darkness line A big mistake IMHO Because of this the book is basically a story of the end of the worl

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