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Our record player If you answered yes to any of these uestions chances are you are part of the Baby Boomer generation How time has flown It all seems just like yesterday Take a pleasantly sentimental tri

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Australia Remember When

Remember grabbing a copy of the late edition afternoon paper from the paper boy Watching a Graham Kennedy skit on TV Did you buy a 45rpm single or a 33rpm album at your local record shop And play it on y

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P down memory lane with Bob Brown as he shows us bits of Australia we’ve forgotten identities and landmarks we loved and let him remind us that some of the best things about Australia haven’t changed

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    Three and a half starsAustralia Remembers When is an easy to read book with some great pictures of Australian i

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    Occasionally it interesting to remember things that were common but no longer are common It is perhaps even interesting to realize how long it has been since those items were common

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