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In the Hands of Strangers

'We were children caught up in a welfare system that was meant to protect us but ultimately served only to damage us Yes it was a different time but many of the things that happened to us wouldn't be acceptable in any era My name is Beverly Wardle Jackson and this is my story' In the Hands.

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Of Strangers is the heart wrenching story of a stolen childhood Separated from her brothers and sisters and taken into Child Welfare care at the age of 12 Beverly spends five harrowing years as a state ward being beaten locked up and even admitted to Porirua Hospital in Wellington for psych.

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Iatric treatment Her childhood is stolen from her as she dreams of the day she will finally be reunited with her siblings That day never comes Instead she is persistently punished for her attempts to run away and return to the life she knew before that fateful day the authorities came calli.

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