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For vengeance that lives in Lila's heart No one knows of her secret worldwide alliances her mysterious lover or the Byzantine scheme she and her son have nurtured for years No one realizes that if it succeedsthe House of Mendoza will fallFrom rebellion plotted beneath cold starry skies to the dark magic that stalks the sultry Caribbean night the Black Widow's web baited with lust and passion is carefully being spu

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The Flames of Vengeance

THERE ARE FIRES OF PASSION AND FIRES FED BY GREEDMOST TERRIBLE OF ALL ARE THE FIRES SET ABLAZE BY CRUELTY AND INJUSTICEIn a white walled palace shimmering beneath the hot sun of southern Spain a darkened room held unspeakable anguish The fabulous wealth of his family's banking empire had made Juan Luis Mendoza all powerful but his insane jealousy drove him to the edge of madness Lila Curran faced his cruelty and sw

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Ore that she and her son Michael would survive After thirteen years of desperate struggle the arrival of a mysterious letter saved Lila's sanity for in it lay a shocking secretthe weapon she would use to force Juan Luis to set her freeNow in the elegant Dublin mansion where Lila reigns as the Black Widow aristocrats dance in the ballroom while revolutionaries are received behind closed doors No one guesses the lust

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    Really enjoyed Title is dumb cover is dumb but the story was titillating The first book in a long time that made me want to come home and read

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    This book shows how tenacious women can be as Lila gets back at her husband and his family of powerful bankers The book is f

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