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Interpretive study Bernard Ransom presents a complex Connolly historian philosopher strategist and activist In particular he shows how Connolly made Marxism relevant for Ireland by reconciling nationalist and socialist ideas; and how he restored a viable realistic use of Marxist theory as a guide to action at a time when most of its practitioners

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Connolly's Marxism

Treated as an unchallengeable scientific dogmaWhat emerges is a consistency of thought and action by a man not afraid to be inspired by Irish history and Christian traditions; a man whose life's work including the apparently hopeless Easter Rising of 1916 was an attempt to establish the theoretical and organisational basis for socialism in Ireland

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James Connolly born in Edinburgh 1879 and executed by the British in Dublin 1916 was a major socialist theorist He worked his way out of a poverty stricken Scottish childhood through lengthy spells in the army and as a trade union organiser in America He emerged as Ireland's most clearsighted and resourceful socialist organiser and thinkerIn this