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S through an unplanned morphological process rather than in a singular trajectory with foreseeable steps and landings The inspiration for this book comes from personal experience architectural designer McKinsey consultant internet entrepreneur and now writer as well as countless stories of individuals who labored in uninspiring jobs yet never had the courage or opportunity to break the mold In such the objective of this book is to highlight how regular people have.


The Accidental Career

Found linkages in disparate life experiences and have connected the dots into fulfilling careersInterviewees include Consultant turned World Adventurer and 4 time World Record Holder Rocket Scientist turned Country Managing Director of JP Morgan Professional Motorcycle Racer turned Lawyer Advertising Professional turned Food Truck Owner Banker turned Condom Tailor Paper Salesman turned Sports Marketing Pioneer Comedian turned Gold Expert and Financial Columnist a.

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How do people find fulfilling careers How did they get there Why did they choose those paths How much of it was planned How much of it was accidentalWith these uestions in mind this book started as a simple crowdfunded project4 months 70 interviews 1 book to shed light into how people “fell” into careers they love rather than walked into careers they plannedThe result is a select collection of full length interviews with individuals who discovered their career.

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